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Walk in Freezer For Vegetables and Fruits SMI-165WFVF

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Walk in Freezer For Vegetables and Fruits SMI-165WFVF



Jindal Walk-in food cold rooms are designed for keeping bulk storage in food factories, dairy factories ,hotels etc. They are mainly used for constant temperature storage of food. 

Product Feature

High Quality Material

The outdoor unit shells use high-quality corrosion resistance galvanized sheet, aluminum sheet with nice exterior.

High Efficiency

The units are designed with the latest electronic expansion valve, efficient and fast response refrigeration system.

Increase The Heat Exchange Effect

The indoor units adopt the latest high-efficiency tube arrangement, corrugated fins and high-efficiency copper tubes with internal threads.

Install More Easier and Faster

The lightweight sheet metal shell of the indoor unit is designed with aluminum plate, galvanized plate or stainless steel plate, which makes the installation easier and faster.

Technical Data

Temp. Range
Polyurethane insulation board 100mm
Stored Object
Fruits , vegetables & drinks

Product Brochure

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