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Walk in Food Freezer SMI-165WFF



Jindal IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) is widely used for the quick freezing of food, medicine, medicinal materials, chemical raw materials etc. The temperature of the IQF cold rooms is generally -15℃~-35℃.

Product Feature

Less Time Needed

Cold store freezing takes a lengthy amount of time to do . But IQF Frozen has a fluidized bed, which moves the food products in a thermodynamic way. As a result, the foods are frozen to the core much quicker.

Better Food Safety

IQF foods have practically no exposure to employees, as they need very little handling. In fact, you can even achieve 0 exposure. Compare that to cold store freezing, where one piece of food may see many hands before it reaches the final customer.

Better Retention of Color

IQF prevents discoloration since the flash-freezing process preserves the original quality of the product and very little deterioration happens.

High Quality Material

The outdoor unit shells use high-quality corrosion resistance galvanized sheet, aluminum sheet with nice exterior.

Technical Data

Temp. Range
Stored Object
Quick freezing of food, medicine & chemical raw material etc.

Product Brochure

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