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Walk in Cryogenic Cold Rooms Freezer SMI-165WCF

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Walk in Cryogenic Cold Rooms Freezer SMI-165WCF



The temperature in the warehouse is -40℃,-60℃,-90℃. It adopts an imported compressor and double-machine cascade refrigeration system. It is suitable for low temperature testing of electronic devices and special material and low temperature preservation of biological material,reagents,biological products and chemical reagents, etc.

Product Feature

Low Noise, Stable and Reliable

Multi-blade external plate motor with good performance of large air volume, low noise ,stable and reliable operation.Whether you run a clinic, hospital or emergency room, your walk-in cooler, freezer or refrigerated trailer must be reliable and have precise temperature control.

High Quality Material

The outdoor unit shells use high-quality corrosion resistance galvanized sheet, aluminum sheet with nice exterior. Each unit can be customized for use in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Jindal provides accurate and specific controls of the temperature and humidity as well as air quality.

Energy Saving

Full automatic intelligent control and the latest thermal fluorine defrost method make the overall system optimization and energy saving up to 40%.

Install Easier and Faster

The lightweight sheet metal shell of the indoor unit is designed with aluminum plate, galvanized plate or stainless steel plate, which makes the installation easier and faster.

Technical Data

Temp. Range
Stored Object
Biological products and chemical reagents, strains etc.

Product Brochure

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