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Deep Freezer-86°C (Dual Compressor) Vertical SMI-165EJ

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Deep Freezer-86°C (Dual Compressor) Vertical SMI-165EJ



Jindal Deep Freezer -86°C Dual compressor  is ideally suited for use in laboratories and hospitals for long‐term preservation & of blood, specimens and components, as well as materials testing.

The Freezers maintain internal temperatures as low as ‐86°C (‐123°F). The shelves and inner chamber is made of stainless steel sheet AISI SS304L grade along with individual compartment insulated doors to minimize cooling losses. The outer body is made of galvanized (Zintec coated) steel sheet 1.2mm thick duly powder coated. The complete body is mounted on lockable castor wheels for easy movement. Four individual compartments with three trays are provided.

The Freezer is insulated with high density non CFC polyurethane vacuum insulation nanogel VIP panels which help in preventing the loss of temperature, thermal protection and structural strength. Enhanced acoustic insulation helps to reduce compressor sound. Double doors ensure that exposure to incoming air is kept to a minimum even when the outer door is opened. Both the doors are lockable.

The down‐feed evaporator for efficient refrigerant flow and washable condenser filter to maintain peak cooling efficiency. The filter also is washable for economy and do‐it‐yourself maintenance.

All models use uniquely designed hermetically sealed energy efficient compressors for ultra‐low temperature applications. These compressors are designed to run at a large voltage band of 190‐270V Single Phase AC Supply. A highly efficient cascade refrigeration cycle helps in attaining the required temperature within a short time period. The combination of efficient technology and construction brings the added benefit of considerable energy savings .

Salient Points

  • Eco friendly Non flammable Non CFC refrigerants are used
  • The whole unit is mounted on castors for free movement of the freezer
  • Key operated mechanical door lock is a standard feature
  • Specially designed air cooled condenser ensures peak performance even at high ambient conditions of 35°C
  • Single / Dual compressor
  • Noise Level 60db
  • Energy saving compressors provide least power consumption of 18Kw/Day
  • Cool down of less than six hours from Ambient to ‐86°C
  • Microprocessor based control system with digital LCD touch screen display of temperature with eye level display
  • Main door with inner FRP Lining and durable silicone gasket. Durable inner doors for each compartment
  • Built-in USB data logger
  • Corrosion resistant racks (according to requirement)
  • Security Lock for display
  • A hot line on the mouth of the chamber is provided to minimize cooling losses and to help improve the cooling efficiency.
  • Vertical Upright model
  • Automatic electric defrosts


Fully Automatic Microprocessor based control (Eye level touch screen display)

A multi functional, fuzzy supported process controller which ensures accurate setting. Freezer has microprocessor based controlled programmable LED display with membrane keypad for data entry and display consist of auto tuning of controller with self-Diagnosis feature for errors. A bright 7” colour touch screen monitors & displays all the parameters in real time. It has an integrated SMART PLUS self diagnosis system which ensures perfect and absolutely reliable control and highest process safety. A 4 pin security lock prevents unauthorized tampering. The temperature is adjustable from -40°C to ‐86°C with increments of 1°C. A rechargeable battery is built in as the backup battery for alarms & the display. It has also a low battery alarm to advise the replacement of the battery. A built real time clock for data storage with time is also incorporated. The data can be retrieved by a USB pen drive/RS‐485 port or by ethernet. An inbuilt audio visual alarm in event of power failure or temperature deviation is also included. An inbuilt ambient alert warns if room temperature may affect performance. Clean filter light advises when to clean the condenser filter to maintain peak performance. Alarms for temperature deviation, power failure, system failure, low battery, open door, sensor fault, and condenser fault. An on board remote alarm contact can be connected to an auto dialer for alerts on mobile phones.


LN2/CO2 Backup system in case of power failure.

The instrument is designed to operate on 220V AC Supply (Model with 110V also available). A resettable overcurrent breaker is also fitted for safety. The freezer is supplied with a 5KVA voltage stabilizer with low high cut off.


  • 100Ltrs.
  • 200Ltrs.
  • 300Ltrs.
  • 400Ltrs.
  • 500Ltrs.
  • 600Ltrs.
  • 700Ltrs.
  • 800Ltrs.
  • 900Ltrs.
  • 1000Ltrs.

Optional Accessories:–

  • Weekly temperature recorder
  • 2” Cryo boxes (according to requirement)
  • Cryo-Gloves & Ice Scraper
  • CO2/Liquid Nitrogen Cylinder

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