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Washer Disinfector SMI-107



Washer disinfector is also called Lab automatic glassware washer. The whole process is water inflow, spray scouring, washing with cleaner, cleaning, heating, drainage, drying, etc., and all are automatically carried out. As long as the program is set up, the intermediate process does not require any manual operation. After the vessel is placed in the automatic cleaning, the vessel can be used normally.

High Impact Cleaning System

The disinfector consists of three rotary spray arms. The design and location of the arms ensure that every surface of the loaded material is uniformly cleaned. The chamber of the disinfector has rounded corners to prevent dirty breeding grounds. The rotation of the arm is activated by the water pressure which eliminates any mechanical drive system.

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The inner and outer surfaces of various types of vessels in the laboratory are sprayed and washed by the mechanical scouring force of the high temperature and high pressure water in the cleaning chamber. At the same time, combined with the cleaner to dissolve, emulsify and peel off the contents of the vessel, thereby achieving clean cleaning of the inner and outer surfaces of the vessel.

Flexible Loading system

Our disinfector comes with a range of standard accessories for different surgical appliance & kidney trays, bottles, tubings & instruments.

Automatic Detergent Dozing

The machine is incorporated with an automatic detergent dozing system to doze the required amount of detergent in the rinsing water.

Inbuilt Disinfection system

The unit is incorporated with an in built electric water heater. The hot water here is used to disinfect the loaded material at a temperature of 95°C (i.e. hemodisinfection) after thorough cleaning & rinsing.

User Friendly Program Menu

The disinfector has a microprocessor-controlled operation. The operating console is provided with an electronic unit with LEDs for easy operation and monitoring of the process. Up to three pre-programmed processes give the user fantastic flexibility for cleaning and disinfecting a wide range of load configurations.

In Built Heating System

As in hospitals, where hot water is not available, the disinfector is equipped with an electric heating system. This heats the water to a temperature of 90°C for higher cleaning efficiency.

Fully Sanitary Construction

T he outer body is fabricated out of non-corrosive 304 Grade Stainless steel/PVC Moulded. The inner chamber is made of Stainless Steel with rounded corners for easy cleaning and to avoid contamination. The door is provided with a high quality gasket. All piping and valves are of Stainless steel construction.


The disinfector is a simple, easy-to-use machine. The machine requires no installation. It has to be connected to the different supply lines and the drain line to start the operation.

Chamber Capacity

  • 100 Ltrs.
  • 200 Ltrs.
  • 300 Ltrs.

Custom built design can also be manufactured on confirmed order. 

At a Glance

  • Ergonomic design
  • Convenient front loading system
  • Suitable for efficient treatment of medical items
  • User friendly operation and controls 
  • Microprocessor control
  • Fresh water intake for each cleaning and rinsing stage ensuring hygienic process

Reduce Occupational Hazards

  • Organic solvents
  • Carcinogenic chemicals
  • Volatile oil
  • Strong acid, strong alkali
  • Heavy metal
  • Bacteria, virus
  • Biotoxin, etc.

Optional Features

  • Double door with sliding opening

Technical Specification

Model No.:








Water Consumption/Cycle




Inlet Water Pressure

0.03 to 0.8Mpa




Stainless steel 

Overall Power Consumption

17 KW

Power Consumption Water Washing 

1.5 KW

Power Consumption Water Heating 

15 KW

Power Consumption Drying

3.6 KW

Power Supply 

380V, 50Hz (Standard); 110V, 60Hz (Optional)

Washing chamber Size (W X D X H) mm

600 X 629 X 658

600 X 629 X 820

688 X 700 X 703

External Size (W X D X H) mm

960 X 800 X 1880 

960 X 800 X 2030 

1100 X 930 X 2085

Package Size (W X D X H) mm

1200 X 1000 X 2200

1200 X 1000 X 2350

1300 X 1100 X 2300

Gross Weight (Kg)




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