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UV Air Sterilizer (Wall Mounted) SMI-UVAS



It is suitable for dynamic indoor air disinfection in class II, III, and IV environments of hospitals, including operating rooms, delivery rooms, general protective isolation rooms, sterile areas in supply rooms, burn wards, ICU intensive care units, pediatric wards, injection rooms, emergency rooms, laboratories, and more. Additionally, it is applicable for use in homes, schools, libraries, blood stations, food and beverage factories, pharmaceutical factories, sanitary products factories, electronics factories, farms, warehouses, banks, nursing homes, museums, archives, restaurants, and other public places.


  • The LED display serves as a visual interface providing essential information about the sterilizer’s operation
  • After shutdown, it shows the total running time for 20 seconds. This feature allows users to monitor the cumulative usage of the sterilizer, which is crucial for maintenance and replacement scheduling
  • Users can easily interpret the displayed information, facilitating effective management of the device’s usage
  • The sterilizer offers two distinct working modes: manual and timing
  • In manual mode, users have direct control over the sterilization process, allowing for immediate activation or deactivation based on their requirements
  • Timing mode provides greater flexibility by enabling users to schedule sterilization periods according to their preferences. This mode supports up to three sterilization periods within a 24-hour timeframe
  • The sterilizer features two options for controlling the direction of airflow: manual and automatic
  • Manual control allows users to adjust the wind angle manually, providing personalized airflow distribution tailored to specific environments or preferences
  • Automatic control streamlines the process by allowing the device to regulate airflow direction autonomously, optimizing sterilization efficiency without requiring constant user intervention
  • The sterilizer incorporates a high-brightness, long-life, ozone-free, single end H-type UV lamp, ensuring efficient and reliable sterilization

Technical Data

Model No.:




Applicable Room




Circulating Air




Shell Material

ABS, anti-UV


Activated carbon, filter dust particles more than 5um

UV Lamp Life


UV Radiation Intensity(Inner)


Natural Bacteria Extinction Rate


Sterilization Rate of Staphylococcus Albicans








Power Supply

AC220,50Hz (Standard); 110V,60Hz (Optional)

Optional Function

Negative ion generator(Amount: ≥3×107ions/cm3)
Ozone generator(Amount: ≥10g/h)

External Size(W X D X H)mm

850 X 280 X 220

980 X 330 X 220

1080 X 330 X 220

Package Size(W X D X H)mm

1100 X 280 X 385

1113 X 297 X 385

1220 X 297 X 385

Net Weight (Kg)




Gross Weight (Kg)




Product Brochure

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