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UV Air Sterilizer (Mobile) SMI-ASM



The sterilizer is suitable for use in medical institutions, laboratories, production workshops with hygienic requirements, public places requiring disinfection, family rooms, etc. Additionally, it is suitable for dynamic indoor air disinfection in class II, III, and IV environments in hospitals, families, schools, libraries, blood stations, food and beverage factories, pharmaceutical factories, catering facilities, and other public places.


  • Display the indoor temperature
  • Timing function of cumulative UV lamp use
  • Adopt a quick disassembly filter that is easy to clean and maintain
  • The super-infrared receiving device can realize long-distance remote control and easy operation at any 45-degree angle. A built-in, hidden remote control is placed to prevent the remote from being lost
  • single-chip microcomputer control that is stable and reliable. Touch panel operation is convenient for man-machine interaction
  • A high-quality mirror plate is used to enhance the radiation intensity of the ultraviolet lamp and improve sterilization efficiency
  • Air volume status display; high, medium/low air volume adjustable
  • Built-in high brightness, long life, ozone-free, single-end H-type UV lamp

Features of SMI-ASM-01 & SMI-ASM-02

  • The indoor temperature is displayed, along with the timing function for cumulative UV lamp usage
  • It adopts a quick disassembly filter for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • The super-infrared receiving device enables long-distance remote control and easy operation at any 45-degree angle, with a built-in hidden remote control to prevent loss
  • It features stable and reliable single-chip microcomputer control, with convenient touch panel operation for user interaction
  • A high-quality mirror plate enhances the radiation intensity of the ultraviolet lamp, improving sterilization efficiency
  • The air volume status is displayed, and the air volume is adjustable to high, medium, or low
  • It also includes a built-in high brightness, long-life, ozone-free, single-end H-type UV lamp

Features of SMI-ASM-03

  • The host machine’s shell is constructed from a completely non-flammable metal material, utilizing a modern moisture-proof process, while the face dressing layer is composed of an acrylic panel
  • It adopts a universal wheel design for convenient movement of the air disinfectant
  • Continuous dynamic disinfection can be conducted under human conditions
  • It utilizes long-lived, C-band (wavelength 253.7nm) ozone-free ultraviolet circulating wind for antibacterial disinfection

Technical Data:

Model No.




Circulating Air





O₃ Residue



Applicable Room



Ultraviolet Leakage





Working Environment

Temp. Range

5℃ to 40℃



Atmosphere Pressure

80KPa to 106KPa





Power Supply

AC 220V 50Hz (Standard); 110V 60Hz (Optional)

External Size (W X D X H)mm

540 X 410 X 900

425 X 300 X 770

Package Size (W X D X H)mm

574 X 481 X 975

518 X 390 X 930

Gross Weight(Kg)




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