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Portable Autoclave SMI-101

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Portable Autoclave SMI-101



The portable autoclave is suitable for general laboratory use as well as for field sterilization of instruments and dressings etc. Dome shaped Stainless Steel lid is provided which seals the autoclave with neoprene joint less gasket. The lid is tightened to the body when closed. The working pressure is 1.1 to 1.2 Kg./cm2 (15-18PSI).

The sterilizer is made of deep-drawn stainless steel sheet in a cylindrical shape. The seamless construction leaves no bacteria residue and is free from dirt accumulation. It is equipped with a dial pressure gauge, a safety valve, and a steam release valve. 

The autoclave is supplied complete with plug and cord. The instrument is designed to operate on a 220V AC supply.

Dia X Depth

300 × 300 mm

300 × 375 mm

350 × 400 mm

300 × 500 mm

Optional Accessories
• Dressing Drum

Product Brochure

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