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Horizontal High Speed Cylindrical Steam Sterilizer SMI-105

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Horizontal High Speed Cylindrical Steam Sterilizer SMI-105



The sterilizer is based on the principle that the microbiological action of saturated steam at elevated temperatures is rapid and thorough. All models work on the principle of downward displacement of air, which is the most economical method of obtaining sterilization.
Robust and rigid construction, designed for all types of bulk sterilization that are commonly needed in medical, agricultural, and pharmaceutical institutions.

The high-speed sterilizer is fitted with high-wattage heaters. Primarily, it is intended for emergency sterilization of unwrapped surgical instruments and other components.


The sterilizer is triple walled with steam jacket and separate boiler. The inner chamber and steam jacket are made up of Heavy gauge Stainless Steel sheet with leak proof argon welding. The sterilizer has single piece door made of stainless steel plate. Back plate and ring is also made of thick stainless steel. All the sterilizers are hydraulically tested to withstand 2.5 times the working pressure. The sterilizer is mounted on tubular steel frame with ground levelling screwed flanges. The Outer jacket is wrapped with glass wool to minimize the heat losses due to radiation and is covered by polished stainless steel sheet for that elegant appearance.

Steam Generator

The steam generator is made of heavy stainless steel sheet. Heavy ring mounted in front of the boiler with removable thick stainless steel plate is fitted with heating elements and low water level cut-off device to protect these elements from burning out dry.
Front removable plate system provides easy cleaning of the deposited scale on the elements and the walls for long life and efficiency. The boiler is fitted with water gauge glass for water level indication, water inlet and outlet valves.

Pressure Control

The “PIEZOSTAT” (Pressure control device) is incorporated in all sterilizers. It acts as a safety device, economises on power consumption and reduces the frequent opening of the steam release valve and thus prevents the release of steam in the room, It cuts off the power supply to heaters when the set pressure is achieved and re-energises the heating elements when pressure falls below the set point.

Heating Elements

Flanged types, immersion heating elements made of high grade material are high wattage electric heaters to finish the sterilization within 6 minutes of achieving the desired pressure of 2.2Kg/cm2 & corresponding saturated steam temperature of 134°C.

Safety Door

Sterilizer has hinged self-locking single piece thick Stainless Steel plate door and cannot be opened when under pressure. The self-locking device automatically disengages the thread mechanism when the sterilizer is under pressure to preclude any eventuality of accident.

Single Point Control

Complete sterilizing cycle is controlled from one point with the help of “Multiport Valve” fitted at front top. Two speeds of steam exhaust are available; fast and slow. Easily readable jacket and chamber pressure on gauges mounted on the left and right of the multi port valve. A moisture trap fitted in the chamber discharge line absorbs the condensate automatically to prevent moistening of the subject matter to be sterilized.

Control Panel

The control panel includes a pressure switch, a microprocessor based digital temperature indicator um controller, Mains MCB, pilot lamps, relays etc. and mounted on the stand of the sterilizer for easy operation.

Other Features

  • Triple Safety: The sterilizer is provided with triple safety features. At the boiler level by a   PIEZOSTAT, which automatically limits the pressure to the required set value, and a spring-loaded safety valve in case of its failure, which releases the steam to keep pressure within the safety limits
  • A digital temperature indicator and controller also help in monitoring the chamber temperature and switching off and on the heaters. At the chamber level, a spring-loaded safety valve and a dead-weight release valve release the steam in case the pressure exceeds the safety limit.
  • All these safety features function independently of one another and sequentially, i.e., one takes over the charge in case of the other’s failure
  • A plug screen prevents the discharge line from choking. The plug is easily removable for daily cleaning
  • A powerful ejector for drying sterilized linen circulates air throughout the chamber. The circulating air passes through a corrosion-resistant metallic wool filter
  • An automatic vacuum breaker is provided to break vacuum in the event of vacuum formation due to steam condensation

Operating Temp. & Pressure

Sterilizing Temp: 121°C/134°C
Sterilizing pressure: 1.1/2.2 kg/cm2

Power Requirement: Designed to operate on 415V volts, Three phase AC supply

Available in following capacities
Dia × Depth                      Load
400 × 600 mm                 18 kw
500 × 900 mm                 24 kw


Optional Accessories/Features

• Door of S.S. 304/316
• Dressing Drums
• Direct steam supply from centralized boiler
• Temperature recorder
• High pressure High vacuum model
• Additional door (Double door) model.
• Fully automatic microprocessor controlled model

Product Brochure

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