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Glass Beads Sterilizer SMI-239



The Jindal Glass Bead Sterilizer follows a scientific method for total sterilization of your instruments within 5 to 15 seconds. These sterilizers are compact, state-of-the art, steam-less, non-hazardous equipment for your clinic. It is a simple device for quick sterilization of small instruments with effective thermal sterilization. In this case, clear glass beads are used in the well. The temperature of the glass beads sterilization is 240°C. The high-precision temperature controller with overtemperature protection is an added advantage. The instruments are dipped in the glass beads for quick sterilization. 

Effective thermal insulation keeps the outer cover cool while keeping an even temperature inside the well. The heat loss is very low, thus leading to very low power consumption.

Technical Data

Temp. Control Range
100 Deg C ~ 300 Deg C
100 Deg C ~ 300 Deg C
Temp. Stability
≤±5 Deg C
≤±5 Deg C
Heating speed
Heating Well Volume (diameter depth)
Dia 40 x 80mm
Dia 40 x 150mm
Glass Beds Capacity
Cover Material
Stainless steel
Insulation Material
Mineral Wool
AC 220v / AC 110V, 50/60Hz
250V,2A/3A, Dia 5×20
Dimension (WxDxH)mm
130 x 150 x 200
130 x 150 x 240
Net Weight

Instructions for Use :

  • Fill the sterile container with clean, dry glass beads. Please don’t use any fillers or liquids inside the container. The standard filling depth is around 20mm.
  • Turn on the power switch and allow the sterilizer to heat up. After some time, the vessel temperature will reach the set temperature.
  • Now the sterilizer is ready for use.
  • Insert as many drying instruments as possible that need to be sterilized into glass beads.
  • Don’t touch the glass beads or the sterilization chamber before it reaches room temperature! Avoid burns!
  • Turn off the power switch and close the cover after finishing to prevent dust from entering the chamber.

Product Brochure

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