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Flash Autoclave Class N SMI-108FAN

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Flash Autoclave Class N SMI-108FAN



The JINDAL high-pressure, electrically heated flash sterilizer is designed to meet the requirements of dental clinics, microbiology, medicine, veterinary science, prosthetics, etc. 

The ergonomically designed square structure provides an elegant look to the equipment. The chamber, shell, lid, and other parts are made of high-grade SS304 stainless steel.

Adopting the European N standard, with thermal vacuum and drying functions, it is designed to be used for hollow and solid instruments. The thermodynamic vacuum guarantees the elimination of cold air from the cavity and makes sure that it provides the optimal sterilization effect. 

For dental clinics, it can sterilize 12 handpieces at a time efficiently.

Technical Specifications:

  • Sterilization : Class N (As per EN13060 standards)
  • Sterilization Temperature : 1210C ; 1340C
  • Designed to operate on 220/110V Single Phase AC Supply
  • Drying System : Heating dry 
  • Microprocessor controller with LED display & touchpad for data entry
  • Control accuracy : Temperature : 10C ; Pressure : 0.1bar
  • Tray Stand : 3 Pcs SS trays on SS shelf
  • Ambient Temperature : 50C to 400
  • Noise level : <50dB

Chamber :

Made of SS304 grade unibody design structure to bear max. temperature of 1450C, max. working pressure 2.3bar & minimum 1.0bar. 

Safety System :

  • Hand lock door 
  • Pressure Lock system
  • Relief valve in case of over pressure 
  • Pressure/Temperature overload protection
  • Alarm for system failure, cycle complete

Available in following chamber sizes:

  Dia.      ×       Depth               Power          Capacity                   External Size                             Gross Wt.

  245        ×    350 mm             1525W               18Ltr                   560 X 450 X 400mm                     54Kg.
  245        ×    450 mm             1750W               24Ltr                   670 X 450 X 400mm                      63Kg.

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