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Autoclave Vertical (Square Design) SMI-102SQ

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Autoclave Vertical (Square Design) SMI-102SQ



A JINDAL high-pressure, electrically heated vertical steam sterilizer is used for sterilization of surgical instruments, dressing material, linen, rubber, and plastic material by means of saturated steam under pressure.

It is an ideal instrument for medical and health institutions, laboratories, clinical institutions, biological research, the food industry, and other units to sterilize instruments, dressings, glassware, solutions, culture mediums, etc.

The ergonomically designed square structure provides an elegant look to the equipment. The chamber, shell, lid, and other parts are made of high-grade SS304 stainless steel.

Ergonomic latest design features

  • Handwheel type opening for quick operation
  • Made of high quality SS304 grade stainless steel
  • Microprocessor controller to set temperature & sterilization timer 
  • Built in safety interlock
  • Digital LED display with soft touch keypad
  • Silicone gasket to provide perfect seal 
  • Low water cut off device to prevent dry running of heaters 
  • Over temperature, over pressure protection 
  • Safety valves for mechanical safety 
  • Supplied with an SS basket
  • Buzzer to indicate end of sterilization cycle 
  • Auto exhaust of steam after the end of cycle 
  • Optional : Printer for recording cycle 
  • Working Temp. Range : Up to 1340C
  • Working Pressure Range : Up to 30 PSIG

A high-quality immersion-type heating element heats the water and steam to the desired temperature and pressure. The instrument is supplied complete with a stainless steel basket, cord, and plug built-in manual steam release valve for safety.

The instrument is designed to operate on 220V AC Supply (Model with 110V also available).

Available in following chamber sizes:

  Dia.    ×    Depth          Load
  350    ×    350 mm      3.0 kw (30Ltr)
  400    ×    625 mm      5.0 kw (75Ltr)
  450    ×    650 mm      5.0 kw (100Ltr)

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