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Air Sterilizer (Floor Standing) SMI-ASFS



The Jindal Air Sterilizer is suitable for use in medical institutions, laboratories, production workshops with hygienic requirements, public places requiring disinfection, family rooms, workshops, libraries, etc.


  • Large LCD display
  • Timing function for cumulative use of the UV lamp
  • Three modes of operation: Automatic, Manual, and Timing
  • Built-in high brightness, long-life, ozone-free, U-type UV lamp
  • Single-chip microcomputer control ensures stability and reliability
  • Touch panel operation facilitates convenient interaction between man and machine
  • Equipped with a super-infrared receiving device enabling long-distance remote control at any angle of 450
  • A built-in hidden remote control prevents loss
  • Automatically detects and displays indoor air quality. When the air pollution index exceeds the standard, it will automatically start up and purify
  • Utilizes bottom air inlet and top air outlet structure, with a silent fan circulating air to prevent direct cold air exposure to users
  • High-quality mirror plate enhances the radiation intensity of the ultraviolet lamp and improves sterilization efficiency
  • Automatic fault alarm function for UV lamp tube, motor, negative ion, plasma, and O3
  • Allows setting of four disinfection periods within 24 hours with memory function
  • Real-time detection and display of temperature and humidity within the disinfection space

Technical Data:

Model No.


Circulating Air




O₃ Residue


Applicable Room


Ultraviolet Leakage




Working Environment

Temp. Range

5℃ to 40℃



Atmosphere Pressure

80KPa to 106KPa



Power Supply

AC220V, 50Hz (Standard), 110V, 60Hz (Optional)

External Size (W X D X H)mm

532 X 330 X 1691

Package Size (W X D X H)mm

620 X 430 X 1845

Gross Weight (Kg)


Other Functions

Ozone generator: 10g/h, medium filter

Product Brochure

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