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Stackable Mini Shakers Incubator SMI-SSI-86L

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Stackable Mini Shakers Incubator SMI-SSI-86L



Stackable Mini Shakers  Incubator is an innovative product of JINDAL shaker series. It increased  shaking capacity in a small footprint, saving your valuable lab space. The vertical design makes full use of the limited space in the laboratory, and the innovative  design of the internal double-layer shaking culture or one layer of shaking culture and one layer of static culture plate not only expands the culture space,and it  also provides users with more choices.


  • Double-layer culture tray, double-layer vibration culture OR one-layer vibration culture and one layer static culture。
  • Flexible selection of double-layer glass doors to ensure excellent heat insulation and safety
  • Brushed stainless steel garden arc angle integrated cavity, beautiful and easy to clean
  • The machine runs almost silently, and there is no abnormal movement in double-layer stacking
  • Universal net clamp, stable and durable, effectively preventing unsafe incidents caused by clamp breakage
  • The waterproof design of the inner cavity of the box is easy to clean up the dirt

Magic Space

  • One deck shaking culture & one deck static culture multifunctional incubator
  • It runs near silent, and can be stacked to 2 units without any abnormality, effectively saving space.


  • 304 frosted stainless steel arc angle integrated inner cavity, beautiful and easy to clean
  • Waterproof design and easy-to-clean interior with rounded corners
  • UV sterilization system, better sterilization effect.
  • Universal net holder is suitable for all kinds of flasks.

Temperature Regulation

  • Double glass door ensures excellent thermal insulation and safety
  • Circulating airflow technology ensures high consistency of culture conditions in the chamber


  • After stable operation, if the temperature fluctuation exceeds the set value plus or minus over temperature alarm deviation, audible alarm activates
  • Audible alarm activates if outer door is opened over 1 minute

Configuration List

  • Incubator Shaker  ×1
  • Shaking Tray with Universal Net Holders   ×1
  • Static Tray  ×1
  • Fuse  ×2
  • Power Cord  ×1
  • Product Manual, Test Report, etc.  ×1


Stackable Mini Shakers Incubator
Button LCD Control Panel
Rotation Speed
30~300 rpm depending on load and stacking
Speed Control Accuracy
Shaking Throw
Temperature Control Mode
PID control mode
Temperature Control Range
Temperature Display Resolution
Temperature Fluctuation
Temperature Field Uniformity
±0.5°C @37°C
Power of Heating
Tray Size
380 x 410mm (one deck shaking tray & one deck static tray)
Maximum Load
Tray Capacity Of Shake Flask
16x250mL or 11x500mL or 6x1000mL or 5x2000mL
Timing Function
Maximum Expansion
Up to 2 units can be stacked

Product Brochure

Product Brochure Link here