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Shaker Incubator (Non-Refrigerated) SMI-159H

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Shaker Incubator (Non-Refrigerated) SMI-159H



JINDAL floor model incubator shakers are designed for day-to-day laboratory routine work. In this product the chamber is insulated with high density Polyurethane insulation to prevent thermal losses. The complete shaker is mounted on a heavy angle frame structure on all the sides & consists of castor wheels cum jack system for easy movement. A front opening door with a glass window facilitates the inspection of samples without disturbing the temperature. The door consists of an attachable light shielding plate for safety . The unit is provided with 02 Nos. removable stainless steel shelves. Forced air circulation inside ensures uniform temperature distribution throughout the chamber.

The shaker consists of a triple eccentric drive mechanism with 25mm stroke displacement. A brushless induction motor along with a feedback signal provides accurate speed.

Heating is done by finned heaters (250 Watts) & are placed in the air flow duct.

The temperature range is from Ambient +5ºC to 80ºC controlled by a digital microprocessor temperature indicator cum controller within an accuracy & stability of ±0.5ºC. The heaters linked to the microprocessor run on the PID function. The temperature can be set in the inc./dec. of 0.1ºC. The shaking speed can be adjusted from 10 to 400 rpm ±1 rpm within increments of 1rpm & is controlled by the precise microprocessor controller. A bright digital LCD 7” multicolor touch screen displays & monitors all the set parameters including temperature, Speed & time (1min to 999hr).

The operator can program multistep programming (4 steps) in each program. Built-in self-diagnostic system along with over & under voltage protection system switches off the system in case of fault. Built in automatic shaking speed adjustment in case of unbalanced load/vibrations/ shocks.

Independent alarm system (audio-visual) warns if the temperature deviates ±1ºC (adjustable) from the set point & speed varies ±2 rpm from the set speed (or even installed platform). An audio-visual alarm at the end of the digital timing cycle is an added advantage. Bright LCD displays temperature, time & shaking speed digitally simultaneously on the same screen. The microprocessor controller is designed to retain parameters during power failure & restarts the unit automatically. Built in independent over temperature protection & cut off system. Built in data logging can be done with an on board USB port by using a pen drive & the complete system can be remotely operated through a computer by using an on board Ethernet port. An internal fluorescent light provides better visibility of samples. The chamber also consists of a built in rust free power socket for efficient operation.

The 100 Ltr capacity chamber consists of 18”X18” universal platforms to hold various spring based clamps. The platforms can be interchanged easily as per the operator’s requirement.

The shaker also has a static incubation shelf facility for incubation of petri plates apart from the shaking & is provided with 2 shelves. Stainless steel clamps to hold various flask sizes 50mL, 100mL, 250mL, 500mL, 1Ltr. are provided along with the machine.

The instrument is designed to operate on 220V Single Phase AC Supply with an overcurrent protection system.


Voltage Stabilizer of suitable rating


Shaker Incubator
Control Interface
LCD 7” Multicolour Touch screen Display
Temp. Range
RT+5ºC to 80ºC
Speed Range
10 - 400 rpm
Temp. Accuracy
Flasks Sizes
50mL, 100mL, 250mL, 500mL, 1Ltr.
Chember Material
Stainless Steel
Outside Construction
Galvanized steel sheet duly powder coated

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