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Refrigerated Shaker Incubator SMI-159ATTA (Table Top Model)

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Refrigerated Shaker Incubator SMI-159ATTA (Table Top Model)



JINDAL Table Top model Incubator shakers are designed for day-to-day laboratory routine work. The Incubator shakers are Stackable up to two levels. Shaking incubators are combination of traditional incubators and a laboratory shaker. Shaker has multipurpose (shake, incubate & refrigerate). Incubators are ideally for laboratory working on cell culture, cell aeration, solubility experiments. Incubator has stackable unit with adjustable height shelves for added storage.
Incubator constructed with Double walled. The external body of the incubator is made up of Mild Steel sheet with anti-rusting and duly power coated finishing. The internal chamber is made of Stainless Steel (SS-304 grade). The chamber & door are insulated with PUF for prevent thermal losses. A front opening door with glass window facilitates the inspection of samples without disturbing the temperature. The door consists of attachable light shielding plate for safety. Incubator has door handle and casket. Forced air circulation inside ensures uniform temperature distribution throughout the chamber. Incubator is condensation free. Inner chamber has proper outlet to drain out liquid sample in case of spillage.
The shaker has single knob for selects all operating conditions with quickly Triple- eccentric counter balanced drive mechanism with for stable and vibration free operation & minimum noise with 25mm orbital amplitude. A Brushless AC induction motor for long durability and stable performance of the shaking system with orbital shaking movement.
Incubator body is mounted on castors wheel for easy to installation. Heating is done by finned heaters which are placed near to the cooling tubes. The refrigeration is done by a highly energy efficient ISI marked 1/8 HP hermetically sealed compressor which operates on CFC free gas R134A refrigerant. The refrigeration system also controls the humidity inside the chamber.

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The temperature range is 15⁰C below ambient to 80⁰C with accuracy of ±1°C and stability of ±0.2°C at 37°C controlled by a digital microprocessor based PID controller cum indicator. The heaters linked to the microprocessor run on the PID function & the compressor runs in on/off operation. The temperature can be set in the inc./dec. of 0.1°C. The shaking speed can be adjusted 400RPM (accuracy of ±1RPM) within increments of 1 RPM. Shaking Incubator speed control at steeples continuously variable speed. An easy to read large 4” LCD displays for monitors all the set parameters including temperature, Speed & time. Incubator has cycle timer with range of 0 to 999hours or continuous. Incubator consist cycle fan speed is automatic control. Built in self-diagnostic system along with over temperature and over & under voltage protection system switches off the system in case of fault. Independent alarm system (audio-visual) warns if the temperature deviates ±1°C (adjustable) from the set point & speed deviates ±5 rpm from the set speed and when timer operation has expired. Shaking range 25 to 400rpm with variable speed control. Incubator has unbalanced load sensor.
An audio-visual alarm for power failure, if temperature is deviates above or below set , at the end of digital timing cycle is an added advantage. The microprocessor based programmable controller offering 4 modes of timer and parameter control for reduced user intervention. The Incubator has acceleration circuit for sudden start and stop. Built in independent over temperature thermostat cut-off system. The shaker has Auto-stop function with audio-visual alarm system for in case of Unbalance or excess vibration or door ajar. Data logging can be done with on board RS232/USB port, the complete system can be remotely operated through a computer by using on board Ethernet port. It is Automatic restart after power failure. Digital shaker and timer control. It has viewing window for monitoring of samples, viewing temperature , speed and time. Incubator is capable to handle heavy loads, provide uniform agitation and Continuous 24 hr operation. System parameter is retained during power failure. Incubator has over temperature safety feature with independent thermostat to provide additional backup, if main temperature controller fails and safety interlock to stop shaking motion when door is open. In Chamber electrical outlet provides power for operating stirrers.

An internal 2 UV light provided for better visibility of samples. The shaker come with a Moisture proof power socket/outlet inside the chamber. The shaker comes with a safety door switch and leakage breaker. The shaker comes with a universal platform of size 400mm x 400mm, which can hold various sizes of test tubes and flasks from 10ml to 2Ltr. Design to operate on 220V 50Hz power AC supply. The platforms can be interchanged easily as per the operator’s requirement. Incubator has safety feature to eliminate sudden starts and stops to avoid splashing of vessel content.


  • Test-tube rack for 20 X 50ml tube-1
  • Stainless Steel Clamps for hold flasks
  • Working table with cupboard
  • Optional dual Tiered platform for double shaking capacity
  • Noiseless operation
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel chamber is compatible
  • UV germicidal lights
  • Flask (10mL, 50mL, 100mL, 125mL, 250mL, 500mL, 1Ltr, 2Ltr)
  • Voltage Stabilizer

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