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Intelligent Stackable Shakers Incubator SMI-ISSI-160L

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Intelligent Stackable Shakers Incubator SMI-ISSI-160L



Intelligent Stackable Shakers Incubator SMI-ISSI-160L is an overall  shaking incubator based on the different needs of customers. At present  this product integrates all the advantages of the company’s products. According to the special requirements of cell culture, more design features have been added, striving to provide a perfect solution for your cell culture. Universal sticky mats allow for direct contact or sticking a suitable holder in place. SMI-ISSI-160L  is suitable for all kinds of cell culture, including CHO, hybridoma, mammalian cells, insect cells, etc.


  • 7-inch LCD touch screen, simple, intuitive and easy to operate
  • Built-in light curtain, easy to push and pull, convenient for dark cultivation
  • Meal can remote monitoring function of mobile phone, remote control operation, real-time viewing of machine running status (optional) take laminated glass door to ensure excellent heat insulation and safety
  • The door heating function can effectively prevent the glass door from mildew and observe the cell culture at any time
  • Multiple sterilization system, better sterilization effect
  • Environmentally friendly private board materials create a comfortable working environment
  • Brushed stainless steel arc angle integrated inner cavity, beautiful and easy to see in cleaning
  • The machine runs almost silently, and there is no abnormal movement in multi-layer slow adding
  • One-piece molding tool, stable and durable, effectively prevent unsafe incidents caused by tool breakage Method net humidification system, maintain wall temperature environment
  • No heat and waterproof fan, ensuring the uniformity of temperature, CO concentration and humidity
  • The push-pull 8mm thick saw alloy rocker will never be deformed, and it is easy to place the wall container
  • Waterproof design of the internal cavity, easy to clean dirt
  • The placement method is flexible and can be superimposed, effectively saving the placement space
  • Optimized PID parameter settings that do not cause temperature overshoot during temperature rise and fall
  • Fully optimized oscillation system and balancing system to ensure that no other unwanted vibrations occur during high speed oscillation
  • After an unexpected power failure, the shaker will remember the user’s settings and automatically start up according to the original settings when the power comes back on, and will automatically prompt the user of the accidental situation that occurred.
  • If the user opens the door during operation, the shaker oscillating tray will automatically stop rotating flexibly until it stops oscillating completely, and when the door is closed, the shaker oscillating tray will automatically start flexibly until it reaches the preset oscillating speed, so there will be no unsafe events caused by sudden speed increase.
  • When a parameter deviates far from the set value, the sound and light alarm system is automatically turned on
  • Data export USB port on the side for easy export of backup data, convenient and safe data storage

Main Features

  • Large capacity thermostatic rotary orbital shaking incubator designed for laboratories
  • Powder-coated steel construction with LCD display(with backlight) for setting and working parameters
  • Stainless steel chamber with fluorescent lamp for lighting
  • Toughened glass window to view incubator temperature, speed and time.
  • Single-shaft drive technology, quite and durable
  • Speed range extensible to 30-300rpm
  • P.I.D environmental scanning micro-processing controller with acoustic & visual alarm
  • Pneumatic spring support for stable incubator lid opening
  • High/low limit over temperature acoustic & visual alarm, high/low limit over speed alarm, stop-running protection for door opening, electric current leakage and overload protection.
  • Motor overheat protection. Automatic power cut-off in case of temperature out of control or abnormal over-temperature
  • Repeat, increment (step) and 8-segment curve programming setting
  • Power-failure recovery, parameter memory, temperature/speed calibration, time display, and speed saving.
  • 120W AC inductive long-life brushless motor, with wide speed regulation, constant torque, constant speed of rotation, and maintenance-free
  • Acceleration control circuit ensures soft start, smooth acceleration and safety of samples
  • Safety protection of automatic stop of shaking when door is opened
  • Standard accessory: Fluorescent lamp, UV lamp, stainless steel shaking tray, flask clam


Intelligent Stackable Shakers Incubator
1 unit (1 layer)
Control interface
7.0 inch LED Touch Operation Screen
Rotation speed
2~300 rpm Depending on load and stacking
Speed control accuracy
1 rpm
Shaking throw
50mm (Customization is available)
Temperature control mode
PID Control Mode
Temperature control range
Temperature display resolution
Temperature fluctuation
Temperature field uniformity
±0.3°C @37°C
Heating power
Cooling power
Tray size
510 x 410mm
Internal usable height
Maximum load
Tray capacity of shake flask
35x250mL or 24x500mL or 15x1000mL or 8x2000mL or 6x3000mL or 4x5000mL (choose sticky pad, the load capacity will increase by about 10%)
Timing function
Maximum expansion
Up to 3 units can be stacked
Dimension (W x D x H)
L1000mm W x 790mm D x 625mm H (one unit); L1000mm W x 790mm D x 1180mm H (two units); L1000mm W x 790mm D x 1730mm H (three units)
FI tube,30W
CO2 measurement principle
Infrared (IR) Detection
Historical data storage
800,000 messages
CO2 control range
CO2 display resolution
CO2 supply
0.05~0.1MPa is recommended
Sterilization method
UV Sterilization
Number of settable programs
Number of stages per program
Data export interface
USB Interface
Working environment temperature
5°C~ 35°C
Push-pull blackout curtain
Push-pull blackout curtain
Power supply
115V~230V±10%, 50~60Hz
145Kg per unit

Product Brochure

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