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Cell Culture Orbitally Shaken Shaking Fermenter SMI-159CC

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Cell Culture Orbitally Shaken Shaking Fermenter SMI-159CC



  • Max. capacity 6x2000mL(Optional: 6x1000ml)
  • Combined functions of shaker and biological reactor
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • Powder-coated steel construction
  • Large toughened glass window
  • P.I.D controller with acoustic & visual alarm
  • Floor type double door structure
  • Speed range 40-300 rpm
  • 10” touch screen LCD display of set and working parameters
  • CFC-free refrigeration system
  • Operating parameter memory
  • Maintenance-free AC inductive brushless motor
  • Over-temperature audio and visual alarming
  • Automatic power cut-off in case of motor overheating, temperature out of control or abnormal over-temperature
  • Soft start function
  • All the data can be monitored and displayed with quick access

Other Features

  • History curve, report, speed and temperature
  • Information on the batch number can be written into the menu. Data of this batch number can be output into a USB flash disk
  • pH setting with shift of acid/alkaline pumps ,accessible to volume setting of peristaltic pump and fed-batch setting.
  • History Curve: All the curves of the present parameters including temperature, speed and pH value can be checked to see the previous page and the next page.
  • PH Automatic Calibration allows entry into DO calibration mode.
  • DO Automatic Calibration: Zero point, slope and standard value are defaulted by the system before calibration
  • Peristaltic Pump Calibration: It allows all the peristaltic pumps to input flow rate and accumulate additive volume on automatic running mode so as to calibrate the flow speed.
  • Batch number before start of fermentation: It can monitor real-time pH curve and automatic status. It can also enter into an independent real-time pH curve and the real-time pH curve in the adjacent biological reactors.
  • Real-time Setting: 1 min. / 10 min. / 60 min. real-time report, history curve, batch number information
  • Speed and Temperature: Besides calibration of speed and temperature, control mode (automatic and tracking) can also be set.
  • Temperature Multi-section Control: It can control the recipe with multiple sections
  • Temperature Real-time curve and pH Real-time Curve: It can read data (for drawing real-time curve) from buffer. And it also allows you to set the X -axis and Y-axis of the curve.
  • Present Alarm:The upper half part is the real time alarm at present, and the lower half part is the history alarm. High/low limit of each parameter and control’s dead area can be set

Technical Parameters

Cell Culture Orbitally Shaken Shaking Fermenter
Control Mode
PLC control
10" color LCD, Touch screen
Control Passage
Mettler pH electrode, SIEMENS PLC controller, acids and bases fed-batch system
pH Control Range
Temperature Range
Temperature Accuracy
Temperature Uniformity
40 rpm-300 rpm(±1rpm)
Tray Size
Feeding Control Range
0.2ml-200 ml/min
Intelligent Functions
Color touch screen with user friendly menu, Data can be downloaded without any requirement of a PC
High borosilicate glass tank with pH Internal thread connector
Steel housing with powder coating
Sampling & Vaccination
Needle-cylinder style
Polished stainless steel
Convention Mode
Natural Convection
Shaking Mode
Orbital Rotation
Single-shaft balance device
Oscillation Amplitude

Product Brochure

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