Autopsy Floor Scale(Dear Body Weighing Scale) SMI-1150

Body autopsy floor scale is weighing scale with platform for taking weights of cadavers. It is designed to withstand intensive use and most rigorous conditions of a mortuary/forensic dept. conducting multiple examinations per day measuring dead body weight ranging from 0 kg to 300 kg.

The dead body weighing scale has four weighing points for optimum precision and reliability. The platform is made of high grade Stainless steel.

The platform for keeping the body is sturdy, made of stainless steel is of size 6 feet X 2 ½ feet X 8 inches.

The cabinet has a digital read out with help of a custom built LCD to display the weight rapidly with help of four highly responsive load sensors. The weighing scale will have an inbuilt battery backup to prevent hassles at the time of power failure.

The digital display can be mounted on wall or kept on a table.

The equipment is designed to operate on 220V AC Supply (Model with 110V also available) with an inbuilt battery and battery charger.

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