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Mortuary Chambers with Individual Cooling (-5°C to 8°C) SMI-157MBC

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Mortuary Chambers with Individual Cooling (-5°C to 8°C) SMI-157MBC



The Jindal Mortuary Chamber Storage System is designed for storing cadavers under cool conditions to prevent decomposition. They are quality-constructed, self-contained mortuary refrigerators used in funeral directors offices and hospitals. These are the latest developments in forensic technology, offering vast space-saving advantages over the conventional type and the greater hygiene demanded by current legislation. They are also useful for hospitals, railways, airports, etc.


Cabinet construction

Double-walled construction with an inner chamber and an outer body made of stainless steel sheet. High-density polyurethane (PUF) insulation of 3″ thickness is filled between the walls, and the whole structure is mounted on heavy-duty castors for easy movability. Trays to carry bodies with handles at both ends slide on rollers. Front-opening hinged stainless steel insulated doors lined with gaskets, handles, and lock arrangements with keys in duplicate for individual dead bodies A double door system, including the transparent inner acrylic door, helps with viewing without disturbing the thermal conditions.

Ergonomically designed monoblock refrigeration

Every chamber has its own separate refrigeration system, which can be switched on individually to store cadavers. This individual energy-saving refrigeration system makes it possible for the user to use even a 2/4/6 body mortuary chamber as a single body mortuary chamber.
Secondly, being a monoblock refrigeration system, even if one unit is at fault, the user can use all other chambers except that unit, which is an added advantage.
The refrigeration unit is kept outside the chamber for easy maintenance. Strong and reliable refrigeration systems with powerful quick-response refrigeration systems help achieve the desired temperature within a short period of time, even at high ambient temperatures. A highly efficient hermetically sealed compressor with an air-cooled condenser and an evaporator inside the chamber is used. A forced air circulation is used to maintain a uniform temperature inside the chamber. A non-CFC eco-friendly, commercially available refrigerant is used.

Fully Automatic Microprocessor Control:

A fully automatic, dedicated microprocessor helps monitor all the functions of the mortuary chamber.
The advanced microprocessor monitors the chamber temperature in real time to prevent body decomposition and maintain the set temperature. The temperature is selectable between -5°C and 8°C, with a resolution of 0.1°C. The front soft-touch keypads permit control settings and access to default settings. An in-built feature for setting the compressor’s rest time is also provided. The bright LEDs display the set and read values of temperature. Both audio and visual alarms alert if there is any deviation in temperature. The complete temperature control panel is mounted on the front for easy readability and operation.

Power Requirement: The instrument is designed to operate on a 220V AC supply (a model with 110V is also available).

Sizes Available: –

• Two bodies
• Three bodies
• Four bodies
• Six bodies


  • Each room with separate cooling system
  • Fully Stainless Steel 304
  • Product size 2060 x 1580 x 1975mm
Product Name & Model No.
Stainless steel 304 for the whole body including the trays.
External size
Outer packing size
Body tray size
Outer:1.0m, Body tray:1.0mm , inner:0.6mm
Rate of work
standard:0to -10℃(±0.1℃)adjustable:5℃ to -15℃
Each room with a separate danfoss compressor system
Temperature controller
Precision temperature control system , with alarm function
Cooling system
Each room has a separate cooling system.
Security door with key
Door seal belt can be replaced
Door frame with a unique one-piece design
Six pcs. strong wheels with brake
Concave body tray with strong sliding system
Foam technology
A polyurethane foam technology
USB interface
Temperature record system optional

Product Brochure

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