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Multi Purpose Table Top Incubator SMI-125TTI

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Multi Purpose Table Top Incubator SMI-125TTI



The JINDAL Table top multipurpose incubator is designed for sample incubating in micro-plates, Gel cards, beakers, culture dishes, etc. It consists of a built -in micro-processor with PID controlling. 

Latest Ergonomic Features:

  • It looks neat and concise. Transparent cover makes experimentation visible. LCD display of temperature and time
  • Various sample containers such as micro-plate, reagent cards frame, beaker, culture dish, etc, which can be put into the incubation space
  • Microprocessor controls temperature and time. Temperature control with good linear, small fluctuation
  • Safe and reliable. Beep alarm when time ends
  • Incubate simultaneously for various containers to improve experiment efficiency 

Technical Data:

  • Temp. Control Range : R.T.+5 ~60
  • Temp. Setting Range : 5 ~60
  • Temp. Stability@37 : ±0.2
  • Temp. Uniformity : ≤±0.5
  • Temp. Display Accuracy : 0.1
  • Time Range : 1min ~99h59min
  • Fan Speed Range : 1200 ~3200 rpm
  • Incubation Space Size (W*D*H) : 215 x 245 x 85mm
  • Voltage : AC220V / AC 110V, 50/60Hz
  • Power : 300W
  • Fuse : 250V, 2A/4A, Ф5×20
  • Dimension (W*D*H) : 275 x 395 x 150mm
  • Net Weight : 8.1Kg

Optional Accessories:

Microplate Storage frame
Blood type Reagent card Storage frame