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Phototherapy Unit SMI(HOSP) - 575B

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Phototherapy Unit SMI(HOSP) - 575B



Jindal double sided Phototherapy Unit is designed to provide a simple and effective method of treating newborn babies with neonatal hyperbilirubinemia. Its medical blue tubes give high output of light in therapeutic range, while the extended spectrum of the white light tube allows better observation of the infant’s skin color.


  • Effective phototherapy, 4 blue compact & 2 Fluorescent lamps in each phototherapy Unit
  • Phototherapy source unit placed above the surface of the baby bed
  • Optimum reflector provide a focused light field
  • Hour meter to monitor lamp usage time
  • Hour meter to monitor therapy time
  • The specially designed system eliminates unwanted heat through the air vents in the light source unit without a fan
  • Lamp life 2000 hrs to 3000 hrs