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Led Lights for Operation Theatre (PORTABLE) SMI-1011

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Led Lights for Operation Theatre (PORTABLE) SMI-1011



LED – leading edge lighting technology With their outstanding performance & energy efficiency, light emitting diodes(LED) are becoming more common for illumination in demanding environments. Compared to the conventional lamps, LEDs have a wide range of technological, economic & environmental advantages, such as flexibility with a range of settings & functions, low heat generation, minimal power consumption & virtually unlimited life. LED provides these advantages in one package. The result: nparalleled performance.

The LED’s has a lifetime of more than 40,000 hours.

The LED surgical O.T. Light consists of LED’s only for cool and homogenous light field.

The light has the following specifications

  • Lux – 120,000
  • Light field diameter – 195-330mm
  • Colour temperature – Between 4350K
  • Colour rendering index – greater than 90
  • The LED’s are of a single color only for long term maintenance and ease of Replacement

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