Ambulance Stretcher SMI(HOSP) -592

Description :
  • Light weight, strng structure, lvely design, gd arts and crafts, easy antisepsis, small size, cnvenient t use
  • Utilizes high precisin mechanical transmissin
  • Can be used autmatically flded thrugh the left and right hand cntrl handle Made f high quality aluminium ally tubes
  • Dimensins:
  • A - High Psitin: 1900 x 560 x 900mm
  • B - Lw psitin: 1900 x 560 x 280mm
  • Lad weight: upt 120Kg
  • Prduct weight: 40 Kg
  • Diameter f the castrs: 125mm
  • Applicable fr varius kind f hspitals, emergency centers, ambulances and battle fields