Electric Operating Table for use of C - Arm Image Intensifier SMI(HOSP) - 584

Jindal Electric operation Table with Radio Translucent Top for use of C-Arm Image Intensifier such as in general surgery and certain special surgical procedures etc.

Central positioning of table column and inter changeable head & leg section for maximum use of C-Arm Image Intensifier.

Smooth and accurate positioning by Remote Control for Hi-Lo, Trendlenburg / Reverse trendlenburg, Lateral Tilt & Head side Raising/Lowering.

Base and column are covered with stainless steel sheet.

Standard Accessories :
  • Rubber mattress set
  • Anaesthetist screen
  • Padded shoulder support
  • Wrist strap
  • Arm rest
  • Padded lateral support
  • Padded lithotomy Crutches
Optional Accessories :
  • Universal Orthopedic attachment
  • S.S. Instrument tray with hanger
  • S.S. Urology tray
  • Neuro Surgery attachment
  • Arm Surgery attachment
Technical Data    
Length of the table top : 180 to 195 cms  
Width of the table top : 50 cm.  
Minimum height : 80+5 cm.  
Maximum height : 95+5 cm.  
Hydraulic Lift : 22 cm.  
Lateral Tilt : 20+2  
Longitudinal Tilt : 30+1