Phototherapy Unit With Baby Bassinet (Double Side) SMI(HOSP) - 575A

Description :
Jindal phototherapy unit with baby bassinet allows effective treatment of neonatal hyperbilirubinaemia. The focused light on the baby bed reduces nausea among care providers.

  • Effective phototherapy,4 blue compact & 2 Fluorescent lamps in each photetherapy Unit
  • Phototherapy source unit placed above & under the surface of the baby bed
  • Optimum reflector provide a focused light field
  • Low energy consumption
  • Fully adjustable (height and angle)
  • Hour meter to monitor lamp usage time
  • Hour meter to monitor therapy time
  • The specially designed system eliminates unwanted heat through the air vents in the light source unit without a fan
  • Lamp life 2000 hrs to 3000 hrs
  • Maintenance free