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Tissue Embedding Centre SMI-3020

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Tissue Embedding Centre SMI-3020



The Jindal Tissue embedding centre is designed to fit your needs. It keeps up the excellence in a unique manner: compact size, user friendly operation and commendable comfort and safety standards set apart this tissue embedding station as much as the contented level of the working surface and the ergonomic design. Substantial workspace with temperature controlled hand rests to provide safeguard against burn injuries greatest freedom of movement to the user.

Each high capacity module is designed with temperature controls that can be adjusted, monitored and switched on and off independently. The extra large work area of the Tissue Embedding system helps reduce the constant shuffling of blocks between work areas in the lab. The modular design and identical working surface heights allow you to combine units in any configuration to create the perfect all-in-one work station to meet your laboratory needs. The controls and digital displays are clear and easy to operate.

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Standard Features:

  • Fully programmable computer controls allow automatic system start and stop anytime
  • Temperature is controlled by microprocessors made in the USA and they are displayed using color-changing LED to enable clear visibility of working status
  • Five heated areas, including paraffin chamber, paraffin dispenser, left and right thermal storage compartments, and heating plate(working area), are individually controlled and work independently without interference from each other
  • Flexible heating mechanism overcomes the shortcomings of traditional technology that can result in excessive temperature differences. System provides fast heating and precise temperature control. In addition, the dual-protection from overheating is safe, reliable and energy-saving
  • Automatic memory and restoration functions: After start up, all preset temperature data are automatically stored in the system
  • Flexible module configuration options through a design which separates the Cryo-Module from Embedding Module
  • Heated working plate and forceps wells make tissue embedding more convenient
  • Safe and reliable low-voltage illumination system


Paraffin Chamber Capacity


Paraffin Chamber Temp

55℃ to 70℃

Paraffin Dispenser Temp.

55℃ to 70℃

Heated Working Temp.

55℃ to 70℃

Thermal Storage Compartments Temp.

55℃ to 70℃

Forceps Wells Temp

55℃ to 70℃

Temperature Control Precision


Paraffin Flow Control

Finger touch plate

Voltage and frequency

AC220V±10% 50Hz(standard model)
AC110V±10% 60Hz



Net weight


Size ( W x D X H)mm

525 X 550 X 385

Working Temperature of Cryo-Module




Net weight


Size ( W X D X H)mm

590 X 345 x 385

Product Brochure

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