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Tissue Embedding Station SMI-3020TES

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Tissue Embedding Station SMI-3020TES



The Jindal Tissue Embedding Station is manufactured as per the latest forward thinking design to meet the needs for a high end laboratory. 


  • Seven working areas, including paraffin chamber, paraffin dispenser, left and right thermal storage compartments, heating plate(working  plate) , small cooling plate, and Cryo Module are individually controlled  and work independently without interference by each other.
  • Adjustable gravity-feed paraffin dispenser using the latest heating and DC low-voltage control mechanism, dispenser is heated with wrapping-type heating film to  achieve smooth, safe and reliable heating. 
  • Manual and automated operation modes: under a  manual mode, the system can be started and stopped  any time; under an automated mode, ON/ OFF can be  set at any weekday, hour and minute; all settings are  automatically stored once the program starts to run. 
  • Flexible module configuration options through a design separating Cryo Module from embedding module, Cryo Module can be automatically started or stopped along with embedding module by optionally using a power serial port. 
  • Freezing temperature can be adjusted due to the use of a new-type inverter compressor.

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Paraffin Chamber Capacity


Temperature Range

550C to 75℃

Temperature Control Precision


Paraffin Flow Control

Finger touch plate and optional foot pedel

Dimensions of Paraffin Chamber (mm)

230 X 150 X 150

Thermal Chamber (mm)

240 X 160 X 50

Working Area of Embedding Module (mm)

540 X 93

Working Voltage

AC 220V±10%, 50Hz (standard model); AC110V±10%, 60Hz



Dimensions (mm)

525 X 550 X 385

Net Weight 

26 Kg.

Temperature of Cooling Plate

30℃ to -15℃

Temperature Range of Cryo Module

0℃ to -20℃



Dimensions of Cryo Module (mm)

315 X 380

Working Voltage 

AC 220V±10%, 50Hz (standard model); AC110V±10%, 60Hz

Dimensions (mm)

710 X 350 X 390

Net Weight (kg)


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