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Slide Staining Machine (New Modular Design) SMI-4024



JINDAL Automatic Slide Stanier is the necessary equipment for pathology workflow. It is designed for staining applications in pathology and research. Jindal powerful stainer performs simultaneous process of different staining protocols, allows continuous unload & reload without interrupting staining cycle. All functions, menu-driven programming, incubation times and sequence of use of reagent stations are freely programmable and controlled by the color screen panel. Ergonomic design, integrated oven for slides drying, digital electronic temperature control, movement parts are in bearing linear guide for high precision on axis. Total flexibility of open consumables and reagents for a superior staining quality.

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  • Large, easy-to-read LCD touch screen panel
  • It is provided with a control system of the PLC and functions
  • Can be attached to a UPS backup (optional), in order to carry out the work during power failure.
  • Ergonomic design, integrated heating station for drying the slides, and digital temperature control
  • Can be attached to a UPS backup (optional), in order to carry out the work during power failure
  • Freely programmable functions like immersion and incubation times, agitation and the station sequence
  • Precise high performance stepping motor with transmission belt, in order to ensure a balanced stroke, and noise reduction
  • Equipped with a photoelectric switch in a fixed position, able to memorize the position and automatically restores functions

Models Available

  • 4 station( Eight Slide Holder)
  • 4 Station( Sixteen Slide Holder)
  • 12 Station
  • 23 Station
  • 40 station

Any other model as per customer’s requirement can also be manufactured on request.

Optional Features

  • Touch screen microprocessor based control

Technical Data

Product Name
Slide Staining Machine
Model no.
Program Capacity
Programmable Staining Time
Up to 9999 sec
Reagent Station Volume

Product Brochure

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