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Slide Printer SMI-321SP



Jindal slide printers are designed to meet the needs of the histology laboratory. The printer is ergonomic and its interface is user friendly for customer’s ease of operation.


  • Using UV laser printing technology, no consumables such as ribbons or ink cartridges are needed, effectively saving costs
  • The printing speed is 3 to 5 seconds per piece, and there is no limit on the number of printing fields. It can print a variety of Chinese and Western characters, symbols, graphics and QR codes, etc
  • It adopts an 8-inch touch screen all-in-one machine and does not require an external computer. The width of the front of the instrument is ≤22cm, minimizing the occupation of the workbench area
  • The built-in barcode reader can directly read the QR code/barcode of the cassette for automatic printing; it has multiple printing modes such as individual printing, batch printing, and online printing with HIS/LIS/PIS systems
  • It can load ≥100 slides at a time, and the customized loading rack can load ≥200 slides
  • The loading rack is external and located on the right side of the instrument. It can not only easily replace the loading rack, but also add slides directly without moving the loading rack during work
  • The collection box can collect ≥50 printed slides, and the optional collection box can collect ≥100 slides
  • It comes standard with two pull-out and interchangeable collection boxes. The slides printed first are at the top. They can be printed and used immediately or output in batches to achieve continuous and uninterrupted collection 
  • The printed slides are pushed out from the front of the instrument, allowing operators on both sides of the instrument to easily access the slides
  • It has the functions of material shortage detection and full material detection. If there are no slides or the slides are fully loaded, an alarm can be given in time
  • The maximum resolution is 0.01mm, and text of 0.5×0.5mm can be printed. The printed QR code/barcode can be scanned 100% correctly
  • The printed content is clear, will never fade/discolor, and is resistant to scratches and immersion in reagents such as xylene and alcohol
  • Built-in air purification module, the printing process is odor-free and dust-free, protecting the health of operators 
  • The names of each printing field can be customized, the printing template can be directly edited on the printing interface, the printed content can be counted and output into files, and the printing data has a power-off protection function to prevent data loss

Technical Parameters:

Product Name

Slide Printer 

Model No.


Laser Type

UV laser

Printing Speed

3 to 5 seconds/piece (Printing speed is related to the amount of logo content)

Loading Rack Capacity 

≥100 pieces ( Standard 2 pieces, customized loading rack can load ≥200 pieces)

Collection box Capacity 

≥50 pieces, ≥100 pieces, one for each of the two collection boxes

Collection Box Installation Method

pull-out type, sequential collection (2 pieces are standard, can be punched and used or output in batches) 

System Interface

HIS/LIS/PIS, etc. (requires client to open interface data)


440 X 220 X 380mm



Power supply 

AC220V ± 10% 50Hz



Product Brochure

Product Brochure Link here