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Sledge Cutting Microtome SMI-325SM

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Sledge Cutting Microtome SMI-325SM



The JINDAL Sledge Cutting Sliding Microtome is designed for cutting large blocks of paraffin and resin-enhanced material for life microscopy.

 A sliding microscope has the advantage of having a vertical object fed by a micrometer screw and cylinder so rigidly held that perfect immobility under the knife is ensured, even when cutting relatively large, hard, and homogeneous specimens.

The heavy knife block is mounted on slideways, and it can be actuated by hand. The microtome consists of a stable, heavy-cast base stand on a precise sliding track over which slides a sturdy knife holder. Its smooth and efficient operation has the great advantage of vertical object feed. The object holder has rapid vertical adjustment by means of a lever mechanism.

Its knife holder rigidly supports a 120mm knife made from imported fine grain hard tool steel, which ensures accurate sectioning not only of soft tissues but also harder materials such as stems, roots, and other objects, etc.

Technical Data :

Product Name

Seldge Cutting Microtome

Model No.


Feed Adjustments 

0-50 mm micron in steps of one micron

Automatic feed

1- 25

Manual Feed


Overall Dimensions

41 X 35 X 28 cm.

Net weight


Max. Vertical Object displacement 

32 mm

Object – Holder size

40 X 40 mm, 55 X 55 mm and 60 X 55 mm

Product Brochure

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