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Manual Rotary Microtome SMI-325



JINDAL Precision Manual The rotary microtome is the most advanced sectioning equipment for medical colleges, universities, research laboratories, hospitals, and educational institutions.

The internal mechanism and knife holder rest on a heavy and rigid base to render a shake-proof operation. The latest designed light-weight protective cover is attached to the base and swings back so that the interior parts will be completely exposed for convenient cleaning, lubrication, setting, etc.

The feed mechanism is dependent on the vertical movement of the object block. With every complete revolution of the counter-balanced drive wheel, it advances the object holder through a cone, inclined plane mechanism in such precise increments that tissues can be sectioned even in one micron thickness.

Well-designed features for precise and accurate serial sectioning, with feed settings visible from the front, an improved locking device, and a counter-balanced wheel. Feed is adjustable from 1 to 50 microns in steps of 1 micron. Free up-and-down movement of the object clamp Automatically restricts total excursion to 28 mm by disengaging the feed mechanism to prevent jamming.

Ball and flange object clamps provide flexible orientation of the object piece. It takes specimens up to 32×27 mm on the stem of block holders. The knife holder allows for 120 mm on a 180 mm-long knife. The cutting angle is adjustable to 300 . Two levers release the knife holder for resetting angles, and a third lever releases the entire assembly for movement on the slide to adjust the horizontal distance from the object.

The latest cam system eliminates the conventional cord system for feeding, resulting in better section cutting and improved efficiency of the machine.

Supplied complete with one knife 120 mm long with a back and handle in a wooden box, two block holders, one bottle of lubrication oil, and a dust cover.

Spare Accessories

Special Alloy Steel Knife 

Size: – 120 mm, 150 mm, 180 mm, 200 mm 

Stainless Steel Back for Knife  

Block Holder/Specimen Holder  

 Size :- (Dia) 37 mm, 25 mm, 20 mm

Embedding Molds made of S.S. 

            L × W × D Size:-

  • 16 × 16 × 12 mm 
  • 22 × 22 × 12 mm 
  • 32 × 25 × 12 mm


L-Molds made of brass  

             L × W × D Size:-

  • 37 × 25 × 15 mm pair 
  • 50 × 25 × 15 mm pair 
  • 75 × 30 × 19 mm pair

Product Brochure

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