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Fully Automatic Microtome (Ergo New Modular Design) SMI-325FNMD

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Fully Automatic Microtome (Ergo New Modular Design) SMI-325FNMD



The JINDAL Fully Automatic Microtome satisfies all of your laboratory’s requirements. The fully automatic motorized microtome is designed to provide superior sections of a multitude of specimen types with ease. Its outstanding technology allows it to be used for semi-thin to thick sectioning of soft or hard specimens in routine as well as special biomedical applications.

Fully automatic microtomes characterize a great combination of cost-effective competence and user comfort. It is the instrument of choice for clinical histology and histopathology applications. It includes a combination of automatic motorized hand wheel movement and high-precision motorized specimen feed, which provides efficient operation with the utmost section reproducibility.

Detailed Images

Range Of Section Thickness 0.25 -100μm
0.25µm - 2.5µm
In increment of 0.25µm
2.5µm – 5µm
In increment of 0.5µm
5.0µm – 10µm
In increment of 1µm
10µm – 30µm
In increment of 2µm
30µm – 60µm
In increment of 5µm
60µm – 100µm
In increment of 10µm
Range of Trimming Thickness 1-600μm
1µm – 10µm
In increment of 1µm
10µm - 20µm
In increment of 2µm
20µm – 50µm
In increment of 5µm
50µm – 150µm
In increment of 10µm
150µm – 600µm
In increment of 50µm

Technical Data:

Retraction Setting Range

0—50μm starting from 5μm (in increments of 5μm) (It can also be turned off)

Minimum Setting of Sectioning Thickness


Specimen Holder Rotation

At any angle within 360 degrees

Specimen Orientation

XY – 8°C

Feed Speed Adjust

1500μm/s ~ 3500μm/s

Maximum Specimen Size


Precision Error


Horizontal Feed


Vertical Specimen Stroke


Movement range of the base of specimen holder

65mm (front to back)

Movement range of the blade press plate


Working Voltage

AC 220V±10% 50Hz (standard model);  AC110V±10% 60Hz




580× 475× 340mm(W×D×H)

Net Weight