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Fully Automatic Intelligent Tissue Embedding Center SMI-3020FAI

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Fully Automatic Intelligent Tissue Embedding Center SMI-3020FAI



JINDAL Fully Automatic Intelligent Tissue Embedding Center is manufactured as per the latest forward thinking design to meet the needs for a high end laboratory. 



  • Both the hot table and the freezing table are equipped with high-definition color touch screen for clearer display and more convenient operation
  • Both hot table and freezing table have timing function, which can be set to start or stop at any time from Monday to Sunday
  • 12mm thick 6061 aluminum plate is used for freezing table top and work table top, and special wear-resisting technology is used to treat the table top, which is beautiful, wear-resisting, and even and stable heating
  • The left and right two preheating tanks are removable, independent heating, temperature control
  • Lighting: low-voltage LED lighting, bright and safe energy-saving
  • The new wax drainage system (8 wax drainage holes) to avoid the collection of paraffin on the table surface, easy to clean
  • Can be heated for forceps, and the left and right are convenient to remove
  • The embedding machine hot table and cold table can be interchangeable at will, to meet the use habits of different customers
  • Unique double wax trimming function: both ends of the table are equipped with wax trimming function
  • Multiple independent hot spots: left preheating tank, right preheating tank, table, wax box, wax tube, left wax trimming table, right wax trimming table
  • Multiple temperature control protection: fully automatic temperature control by computer, temperature control monitoring by thermostat, safe wax melting temperature with temperature setting range of 0℃ to 75℃
  • Two kinds of wax dispensing methods, contact switch and foot pedal, easier and more casual operation
  • Seven heated area Paraffin chamber, paraffin dispenser, left and right thermal storage compartments, heating plate, and forceps wells

  • Temperature 0℃ to 75℃: Paraffin chamber, paraffin dispenser, thermal storage compartments, heating plate and forceps wells -30℃ Room temperature: Cold plate

  • 5.5 liters Paraffin tank Size: 265mm X 145mm X 145mm

  • Finger touch plate and foot pedal Paraffin release

Detailed Images

Embedding Center

Paraffin Chamber Capacity

>5.5 Litres

Temperature Range


Temperature Control Precision


Paraffin flow control

Finger Touch

Dimension of paraffin chamber ( W X D X H)mm

265 X 145 X 145

Working Voltage

AC220V + 10% 50HZ



Dimension (W X D X H)mm

620 X 560 X 410

Net Weight


Paraffin dispense Chamber Temperature                  

0 – 99℃

Control mode                                                             

Hand, Foot

Cold Plate

Temperature Range of Small Cooling Plate 

-300C –RT

Temperature setting of Cryo Module

The Optimal

Working Temperature


Dimension of Cryo Module

345 X 330 mm

Working Voltage

AC220 V + 10% 50HZ

Dimension (W X D X H)mm

620 X 380 X 410 mm

Net Weight


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