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Freezing Microtome SMI-325FM



JINDAL Freezing Microtome is designed for the purpose of accurate and quick diagnosis in surgery. The microtome consists of a table clamping device. The specimen rises accurately and automatically by a handle. The CO2 freezing attachment is provided with a hard rubber non-conducting plate between the corrugated surface to which the object is frozen and the rest of the apparatus, which prevents the conduction of heat from the other parts of the apparatus to the specimen; thus saving time and CO2.

The automatic feed mechanism can be thrown out of action by turning the Index finger to the extreme left or it may be set to cut sections of any desired thickness. Each division of the graduated scale marks 5 µm, the microtome range is 5-40 µm. The sturdy Knife Holder can be tilted to a convenient angle of the Knife suitable to the object.

Technical Data:

Product Name

Freezing Microtome

Model no.


Freezing Stage


Feed Range 

5 – 40µm in steps of 5µm each

Size (in case)

39 X 34 X 30 cm

Total Excursion Of Feed



14Kg. (approx.)

High Pressure Flexible Tubing 

150 cm. (approx.)

Product Brochure

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