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Specimen Fast Freezing Attachment For Microtome SMI-325FFM

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Specimen Fast Freezing Attachment For Microtome SMI-325FFM



JINDAL Specimen Fast Freezing attachment for Microtome is designed for cooling the specimen mounted on the microtome.

The freezing attachment is provided with a hard rubber non-conducting plate between the corrugated surface to which the object is frozen and the rest of the apparatus, which prevents the conduction of heat from the other parts of the apparatus to the specimen; thus saving time and energy.


  • Wide screen, clear handwriting, any angle can clearly observe the display data
  • Reasonable interface distribution, real-time display of working status, set temperature and measured temperature at a glance Alarm), automatic frost, automatic memory 
  • The refrigeration system adopts the principle of high-power semiconductor temperature difference refrigeration and advanced nano-materials, and the refrigeration efficiency is highly stable
  •  Ultra-fast cooling speed, breaking the conventional cooling method, the cooling time can reach the working temperature of the slice within 1 to 7 minutes 1 defrosting time in 1 hour, defrosting time is reduced by 10 seconds for every 1 degree increase in temperature)
  • It can be combined with any paraffin section machine of our company to realize dual-use of one machine, which can be used for frozen section or paraffin section
  • Preset temperature: room temperature up to -55℃ 
  • Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃

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Technical Data:

Specimen Fast Freezing Attachment For Microtome 

Maximum Temperature Difference Of Cold Table


Maximum Temperature Difference Of The Cold Knife


Maximum Area Of Cold Table


Power Supply Voltage

AC 100V~120V/AC 220V~240V

Power Supply Frequency




Whole Weight