Fully Automatic Cryostat Microtome(New Modular Design) SMI-3010

Cryostat Microtome provides a rapid and easy means for the sectioning of natural tissue from 2 to 20 microns in step of 2 microns without distortion for high quality microscopic examination. These are specially designed for clinical and research operations. Sections have the high resolution of cytological details required for pathological diagnosis, histochemistry, fluorescence, biochemistry, microscopy etc. Technique is simple and easy to learn. To withstand condensation inside the chamber, in built Rotary Microtome is made of entirely rustproof material fitted with anti roll device to avoid curling of sections. Plastic plate is adjustable in all directions.

The robust ergonomically designed cryostat ensures relaxed efficient working conditions.

The cryostat microtome offers the performance, ease-of-use and versatility to make it the ideal instrument in all types of laboratory work. The Cryostat Microtome is used for cutting thin sections of fresh, frozen material.

Cryostat temperature ranges up to –40°C which can be set by a highly accurate microprocessor based PID digital temp. Indicator cum controller. This low temperature is obtained by a highly efficient refrigeration unit.

The cryostat microtome also incorporates an inbuilt hot gas time controlled defrosting system. This helps in heating the work area for cleaning purposes.

The outer body of the cryostat microtome is made of mild steel duly powder coated. The spacious inner chamber is made of polished stainless steel. Sliding acrylic transparent door is provided.

It is a top opening design for working access to microtome. A lamp with an in built magnifying glass is also provided which switches on automatically whenever door opens to facilitate easy visibility. Microtome hand wheel provided outside the chamber on right hand side for easy operation.

A self contained drainage system ensures that condensate and defrost fluids are collected in a convenient container positioned at the front of the instrument. This allows controlled collection and disposal of potentially contaminated fluids thus reducing the potential emission of pathogens into the laboratory environment.

Motorised hand wheel movement is a standard feature with Single/Multiple cut mode.

Four castor wheels fitted at bottom provide easy mobility for use in various locations and for storage when not in use.

Supplied complete with rustproof in-built microtome, refrigeration unit, transparent door, door cover, four demountable specimen holders, one bottle of low temperature oil and one microtome knife 120 mm long with back and handle in wooden box, cord and plug. Suitable to work on 220 V, single phase, 50 Hz, AC supply.

Optional Features:
  1. Temp. range: 0 to -50°C
  2. Motorized specimen Forward and reverse
  3. Range of section Thickness: 2- 60μm
    2 to 10 in 1 μm steps ;
    10 to 20 in 2 μm steps ;
    20 to 60 in 5 μm steps
Optional Accessories:
  1. Voltage Stabilizer
  2. Block Holder
  3. Low Temp. Oil
  4. Disposable Blades
  5. Extra Microtome Knife
At a Glance:
  • Robust ergonomically designed Cryostat
  • Heavy duty castors for easy movement of the unit
  • Motorised Hand wheel movement
  • Single/Multiple Cutting Mode
  • Microprocessor based digital PID temp. control
  • Smooth running hand wheel
  • Highly responsive and efficient refrigeration system
  • Spacious chamber
  • Hygienic Drainage System
  • Power-saving refrigeration system