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Vacuum Oven SMI-122



Jindal vacuum ovens are required in almost every institution for drying and moisture removal by heating in a vacuumed environment.

The inner rectangular or cylindrical chamber is made of highly polished, thick stainless steel. The outer body is made of mild steel, duly powder coated.

The temperature from 50°C to 130°C is controlled by a highly accurate microprocessor-based PID digital temperature indicator controller mounted on the front control panel. A vacuum gauge and input/release valve are provided for accurate vacuum maintenance within the chamber.

A toughened glass window is provided in the door to view the samples inside without disturbing the thermal / vacuum conditions.

Chamber Size:

Cylindrical                         Rectangular:

Dia  X Depth                      L     X B    X H

250 X 300mm                   6”   X 6”   X 6”

300 X 300mm                   8”   X 8”   X 8”

                                           10” X 10” X10”

                                           12” X 12” X12”


Vacuum ovens with temperatures up to 300°C with stainless steel doors and digital vacuum control with solenoid valves are also available on request.

The vacuum oven is designed to operate on a 220V single-phase AC supply (a model with a 110V supply is also available).