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Tube Roller (Roller Mixer) SMI-LSM-80



The JINDAL tube roller SMI-LSM-80 is widely used in mixing blood samples, sticky substances, solid-liquid suspensions, etc. It provides two operation modes—rolling and swinging—to improve mixing efficiency and safety. It is used for preventing blood clotting, immunoprecipitation, and other similar purposes.


Latest Ergonomic Features:

  • Compact and firm designed, simple operation, LED display time  and speed
  • Two types are choosable – rolling type and rolling & swinging type. Continuous working mode, safe and stable
  • With a stable performance motor, operation speed adjustable, max. speed to 80 rpm. Low noise, long using life
  • Can be compatible with different sizes of tubes. Large range of application

Technical Data:

  • Speed Range : 10 rpm ~ 80 rpm
  • Operation Mode : Rolling and fluctuation
  • Amplitude : 25mm
  • Roller Quantity : 6
  • Roller Length : 280mm
  • Max. Load : 4kgs
  • Time Range : 1min ~99h59min or continuous
  • Voltage : AC 100 ~230V, 50/60Hz
  • Power : 25W
  • Fuse : 250V, 1A, Փ5×20
  • Dimension (W*D*H) : 450 x 260 x 120mm
  • Net Weight : 3.7kg