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Sample Concentrator (96-gas-needles) SMI-SC200-1A

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Sample Concentrator SMI-SC200-1A (96-gas-needles)



The JINDAL nitrogen sample concentrator (96 gas needles) SMI-SC200-1A is mainly used for concentrating or preparing samples in batches. Such as drug screening, hormone analysis, liquid phase analysis, and mass spectrometry in the analysis of sample preparation. It works by blowing nitrogen onto the surface of the sample, which is being heated, to accelerate evaporation and separate the solvent in the sample without oxygen. Instead of the rotary evaporation instrument, a nitrogen sample concentrator can efficiently concentrate dozens of samples simultaneously.

Latest Ergonomic Features:

  • The heater allows samples to be heated rapidly to the evaporation temperature through the gas blow to the solution surface via needle at the same time, prompting rapid evaporation and concentration of the solution.
  • The gas chamber height can be adjusted; the length of a standard gas needle is 80 mm.
  • Each blow needle can be controlled independently, can be blown, has separate flow regulation, and there is no waste of gas.
  • The entire system can be arranged in the ventilation cabinet when processing concentrations of toxic solvents.
  • built-in over-temperature protection device, automatic fault detection, and alarm function.
  • LED display, temperature, and time diminishing display make the operation simple and convenient.
  • Configured standard gas chamber and special adjustable bracket.

Technical Parameters:

  • Temp. Control Range : R.T.+5 ~150
  • Temp. Setting Range : 5 ~150
  • Temp. Stability@40~100 : ≤±0.5
  • Temp. Stability@100~150℃ :   ≤±1
  • Block Temp. Uniformity@100℃ :   ≤±0.5
  • Block Temp. Uniformity@150℃ : ≤±1 
  • Temp. Display Accuracy : 0.1
  • Heating Speed : ≤30min (40 to 150)
  • Time Range : 1min ~99h59min or continuous
  • Needle Plate Max. Lift Stroke : 275mm
  • Gas-in Joint Outer Diameter : Φ7mm
  • Nitrogen Pressure: ≤0.1MPa
  • Nitrogen Flow Rate : 0 ~10L/min
  • Needle Length: 80mm
  • Sample Capacity: 1 standard plate block
  • Voltage : AC 220V / AC 110V, 50/60Hz
  • Power : 400W
  • Dimension (WxDxH) : 220 x 260 x 445mm
  • Net Weight : 5.5kgs

(Optional Accessories)



  0.2 ml x 96

  6.7. mm

  Cone bottom

  95.5 x 153.5 x 33.5 mm


  Flat bottom plate

  Top size 76 x 116 x 4mm

  Flat plate block

  95.5 x 135 x 22.5 mm