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Blue Light Transilluminator SMI-BLT-4800

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Blue Light Transilluminator SMI-BLT-4800


The JINDAL Blue Light Transilluminator SMI-BLT-4800 is used for the observation of gel electrophoresis. It uses LED light to observe or shoot various dyes. LED light provides strong illumination with no harm. It is long-lasting, smart, and portable.

Latest Ergonomic Features:

  • Blue light protects users’ easily exposed parts from UV damage. There is also no damage to DNA fragments.
  • With 108 pieces of LED light, long life, and strong illumination. Suitable for observation of a large range of fluorochrome. High luminance, high sensitivity, and good homogeneity.
  • It can be used individually as a blue light platform, or it can also be used to match up multiple images.
  • Uniform transillumination blu-ray module. Low background values. No side.
  • The screen plate is fixed at random. Angle adjustable, it can be operated by one hand, which makes it easier to watch gel.
  • Compared with the traditional UV transmission instrument, the uniform transillumination blu-ray module’s sample observation is more symmetrical, and the photo’s effect is better.
  • Import good-quality LED beads. Long-term energy conservation and environmental protection. There is no need to replace bulbs. Free maintenance and the long service life of LEDs can reach up to 1,00,000 hours.
  • Perfect observation with a full-size transparent optical filter Safe operation; no need to wear safety glasses or other protection devices

Technical Data :

  • Wavelength : 470nm
  • Max. Gel Size : 100 x 150 mm
  • Voltage : DC 24V Power Adapter
  • Dimension (W*D*H) : 210 x 210 x 30mm
  • Net Weight : 1.4Kg