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Grossing Station for Two Person SMI-233TP

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Grossing Station for Two Person SMI-233TP

It is specially designed according to the construction requirements of the first-level demonstration criminal science and technology autopsy room of the Ministry of Public Security, and is suitable for public security forensic autopsy rooms, animal autopsy rooms, hospital pathology rooms and other units. Made of 304 stainless steel high-quality sheet molding, digital laser cutting, precision production, acid and alkali resistance, the overall shape is luxurious and elegant, simple and durable.


Grossing Station for Two Person
Model No.
2 Adjustable lights, 1 LED light, 1 UV disinfection light
Stainless Steel 304
Size ( L x W x H )
1800mm L x 600mm W x 1800mm H (double seats)
Cutting board, grinder, fan
2 faucets, one can be pulled, one can be adjusted

Detailed Images

Grossing station Made of High quality stainless steel 304

Two personal grossing stations are made of high quality  1.5 mm thickness  304 stainless steel  . It won’t rust .

Tissue Pathology Grossing station with large work area

Jindal SMI-233TP Tissue Pathology Grossing work station with large working area for 2 people .

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