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Stability Test Chamber SMI-140



Jindal New Modular Design Stability test chamber is the most versatile and highly reliable chamber ideal for stability & shell life test for drugs, its substances & various other products/devices for research and quality control examinations in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries and biotechnology.


Outer body is made of Mild steel duly powder coated and the inner chamber is made of Stainless steel. It has a provision for allowing a wide range of tray positions and spacing. Stainless steel trays with perforations are provided. The stainless steel chamber is insulated from the outer atmosphere with a high density polyurethane foam insulation to prevent thermal losses. The complete body is mounted on castor wheels at the bottom for easy mobility.


The heating is done by finned heaters to maximum heat exchange process and to achieve the set temperature in a short time interval.


The cooling is done by a highly efficient hermetically sealed refrigeration unit with air cooled condenser & CFC free eco friendly refrigerant to achieve set temperature in a short time period.

Air Circulation:

Highly efficient forced air type circulation with motor blower assembly is provided to maintain uniform temperature inside the chamber.

Control Panel:

All controls and circuitry are housed at the top of the chamber and therefore protected from spillage.

Fully Automatic Microprocessor Control:

The new modular design of the stability test chamber is integrated with a multifunctional fuzzy controller with an integrated self diagnosis system and high quality platinum sensors. The fuzzy controller allows precise adjustments of temperature/humidity constellations, greater stability of the variables over long periods, which are of crucial significance.

Technical Specifications:

  • Temperature range 10°C to 70°C with a setting accuracy of 0.1°C & control accuracy of ± 1°C.
  • Over and under temperature protection thermostat switches off the entire unit in case of failure of the primary controller. 
  • Humidity ranges from 45% RH to 95%RH with a setting accuracy of 0.1%RH & control accuracy of ±5%RH.
  •  A high grade PT-100 sensor for temperature measurement, capacitive sensor for humidity measurement is used for stable and long term transmission of measurement signals.
  • Bright and large LCD to display all the set and the process parameters along with the visual messages.
  • In built Real time Clock.
  • Visual & Audio Alarm in case of over /under temperature, humidity & empty water tank.
  • On board RS-232 port for data acquisition.

Minimum Power Consumption Algorithm:

  • Even though the growth chamber consists of a high wattage heater to act to any settable temperature quickly, it uses only a fraction of heater wattage when the chamber temperature reaches near to the set temperature thereby saving a lot of energy.
  • This is achieved by using the heating circuit with a thyristor in a current control mode driven through the microprocessor. This control provides a soft start for the heaters thereby prolongs the heater life.
  • The menu is driven through the microprocessor with password protection to ensure that no manipulation can be done while operated by an unauthorized person.
  • Data Retentive Timer for the processes ensures the incubation of material for the required time only. 
  • Feather touch keyboard for setting temperature, humidity and other parameters.

At a Glance

  • Compact ergonomic new modular design
  • Microprocessor controlled for high stability and ease of operation
  • Menu driven through microprocessor
  • High performance control, monitoring and functions
  • Built in safety thermostat to cut off the system in case of malfunction of the primary controller
  • Display of both set and the process values
  • Unique insulation endow with highly precise and constant temperatures
  • Menu driven through microprocessor
  • RS-232 interface for data retrieval

Sizes available:

Chamber Size(cm)    

   W  X  D  X  H



  50 X 41 X 84


  58 X 49 X 99


  62 X 52 X 102


  70 X 71 X 110



Optional Features:

  • Chamber illumination with fluorescent or UV Light.
  • Remote machine monitoring and its operation through cell phones.
  • In-built serial Thermal printer (Both Text and graph mode).
  • Low/High Voltage detection & safety cut off feature.
  • Ready to use stand by refrigeration system in case the regular system fails. This includes the complete refrigeration condensing unit.
  • Touch screen control 

Product Brochure

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