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Hot & Cold Chamber or Climate Test Chamber SMI-4035

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Hot & Cold Chamber or Climate Test Chamber SMI-4035



Jindal hot & cold chambers are designed to suit various applications including those required in electronics, research, medical & pharmaceuticals industry.

World Climate Zones simulated in the laboratory !!!!

Developed & proven for stability climate tests:

Various environmental impacts during manufacture, storage, transport and use can have a negative effect on the function and service life. Jindal climate chamber is designed to simulate different climates and/or seasonal climates and climate zones, in particular for long-term and accelerated stability tests. 

During the design and development phase of this new model climate chamber great importance is placed on energy-saving climate conditioning systems, maintenance-free temperature conditioning and humidification systems as well as comprehensive documentation. 

Stability tests as per the ICH guideline, climate tests in which the climate remains constant as per DIN 50 014 and IEC 60 068-2-3 and additional standards can be easily performed. The machine can also be used as a temperature test chamber. The well-designed basic units together with numerous options allows for versatility. 

Constructional features:

The test inner chamber is made of high grade polished stainless steel. The outer casing is made of Mild steel sheet duly powder coated or stainless steel sheet as per requirement. 

The vapor-tight welded high gloss stainless steel chamber is easy to clean. The machine compartment containing low noise compressor and an air cooled condenser is situated below the test space. The temperature conditioning and humidification elements required for the fast achievement of the desired climate values are located in the test chamber behind the air circulation panel. The air is drawn out of the test chamber over the specimens via large-scale fans and routed via the heat exchanger and humidification system for conditioning. The air is then rerouted to the test chamber via a special air circulation system near the door. The temperature and humidity sensors are located in the air flow direction before the air enters the test chamber, thus ensuring that the specimens are conditioned to the specified climate values.

A highly precise resistance thermometer Pt 100 as per 1/3 DIN is used for measuring the temperature and a 1/3 DIN resistance thermometer with cotton wick for measuring humidity or a capacitive humidity sensor is used. This ensures quick reaction times of the entire system. All climate test chambers are factory-calibrated. The hermetically sealed refrigeration systems are filled with environmentally friendly refrigerants. Temperature and humidity are controlled by our system. This control system is easy to operate.

The menu-guided, graphics-compatible touch panel enables extensive programs to be created, stored and reactivated.

Capacity & Technical Data:

  • The chamber size can be manufactured as per the customer’s size & volume requirement.
  • The temperature range as provided by the customer is incorporated in the hot & cold chamber along with the heating & cooling rate requirements. 
  • Humidity up to 95% RH is provided. On special requirements chambers with humidity values up to 98% RH are also manufactured.   
  • Since these chambers are designed as per the specific requirements of the customer any level of customization can be done.

At a glance:

  • Low power consumption
  • Low sound pressure level
  • Factory-calibrated
  • Designed for extreme climates
  • Environmental friendly refrigerant
  • Water reservoir with level indicator and possibility of connection to central water supply for humidification water
  • High and low temperature monitoring with separate sensors
  • Easy-to-clean test space of high gloss stainless steel
  • Psychrometric humidity measuring with self-cleaning humidity sensor
  • Graphics-compatible touch panel with simple, menu-guided operation – no knowledge of programming required

Product Brochure

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