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Cryostat Microtome SMI-3010S

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Cryostat Microtome SMI-3010S

JINDAL cryostat microtome is designed for sectioning of natural tissue. These are specially designed for clinical and research operations. Sections have the high resolution of cytological details required for pathological diagnosis, histochemistry, fluorescence, biochemistry, microscopy etc. Technologies are simple and easy to learn.


  • Large Spacious Stainless steel cryo chamber.
  • Antimicrobial powder coating with galvanized steel sheet construction. 
  • Motorized specimen feed coarse advance with specimen retraction. 
  • CFC free refrigerant with noiseless compressor to achieve low temperatures up to -350C.
  • Heated sliding glass door to prevent condensation .
  • Microprocessor based touch screen operation.
  • Automatic & manual hot gas defrosting. 
  •  Easy selection from cutting to trimming by touch of a button.
  • Adjustable cutting angle.
  • Mounted on castors for easy movement .
  • UV sterilization which can be activated by touch of a button.
  • Ergonomic design blade holder with finger guard for safety & anti roll device .
  • Enclosed Drainage system.
  • Encapsulated splash protected microtome .
  • User friendly menu with section counter .
  • Power saving refrigeration system. 
  • LED illumination for the cryo chamber.

Modular Design Control System

  • Chromatic LCD touch screen for user friendly operation .
  • Hibernation automatically/manually, wake up in 15 minutes.
  • UV Sterilization at touch of a button.
  • Peltier cooling station for quick freezing of specimens. 
  • Section thickness totalizer with section counter.
  • Slow & fast speeds of specimen feed forward & reverse.


  • Smooth & light handwheel with locking device lever.
  • X-Y-Z 80 specimen orientation triaxially adjustable .
  • Precise durable roller guides made in Germany ensures easy sectioning of hard tissue samples & provides smooth movement .
  • Adjustable retraction & can be turned off.

Cryo Chamber

  • Large spacious stainless steel chamber with large freezing shelf to hold up to 20 specimen discs.
  • With waste tray & instrument rack.
  • Heat Extractor in quick freeze shelf .

Disposable Blade Holder

  • Designed to use both High & low profile blades .
  • An anti-fatigue cam lock ensures blades clamp tight .
  • The blade holder can move laterally for safety & to ensure full use of the blade .
  • Glass anti roll device to adjust the angle & gap with the pressure plate. 
  • Steel push rod to eject the blade.
Range of Trimming Thickness
0µm – 20µm
In increment of 2µm
20µm - 50µm
In increment of 5µm
50µm – 100µm
In increment of 10µm
1000µm – 500µm
In increment of 50µm
Range Of Section Thickness
0.5µm – 1µm
In increment of 0.5µm
1µm - 10µm
In increment of 1µm
10µm – 20µm
In increment of 2µm
20µm – 50µm
In increment of 5µm
50µm – 100µm
In increment of 10µm

Technical Data

Cryostat Microtome
Model No.
Temperature of Cryo Chamber
Adjustable Up to -35°C
Temperature of Quick Freeze Shelf
Up to -45ᵒC
Number of Freezing Stations
Number of Peltier Cooled Freeze Stations
Up to -60ᵒC:2
Motorized Coarse Feed
Slow 600um/sec ; Rapid 900um/sec
Total Specimen feed
Vertical Stroke
Maximum Specimen Size
55 x 55mm
Refrigeration Capacity
R404A ; 300g±5g
Input Power
650 VA
Net weight
Designed to Operate On
220V/50Hz AC Supply or 110V/60Hz AC Supply
1 automatic defrost cycle per 24hr/manual (duration 12 minutes)
Dimensions of the Machine
780mmL (650mm without handwheel) X 700mmW X 1152mmH

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