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Co₂ Incubator SMI-132CE



The Jindal CO2 Incubator (JINDAL) is the new family of Jindal CO2  incubators. It is optimized to improve culturing efficiency and security for sensitive cultures, such as stem and primary cells, used in cutting-edge applications. 

Jindal series CO2  incubators adopt a 180°C dry heat sterilization system that is proven effective in killing normally resistant fungi, bacterial spores, and vegetative cells that may contaminate the workspace. Seamless chambers and minimal internal parts are designed for easy cleaning. Precise temperature uniformity throughout the chamber optimizes growth conditions. Fast gas and temperature recovery without overshooting ensures optimal and stable atmospheric conditions. 

  • 180℃ dry heat sterilization
  • Optional O2 concentration control
  • Top-level IR sensor for accurate and fast response
  •  Touchscreen interface delivers fast and continuous navigation
  •  Inner glass door is convenient to observe during culturing process
  •  HEPA air filtration provide ISO Class 5 cleanliness in the chamber


  • Touch screen is responsive, easy-to-operate and informative
  • Inner glass door design is convenient to observe the cell state during the culturing process in the chamber
  • 180℃ dry heat sterilization cycle takes 12 hours only, no need to take out any accessories during sterilization
  • Multiple PT1000 sensors with advanced PID algorithm to precisely control the temperature
  • 9 heating units in 4 temperature control zones are intelligently controlled by microprocessors
  • Fast temperature, CO2, and humidity recovery without overshoot
  • CARBOCAP® drift free IR sensor ensure a fast respond and accurate CO2 monitoring
  • Fan-assisted air circulation enhances the uniformity of temperature, CO2 and humidity
  • Uniform temperature verified at 27 spots inside the incubator (German DIN 12880)
  • Entire chamber air volume is filtered by the HEPA filter to achieve ISO class 5 cleanliness within five minets after door opening.
  • Blower automatically stops when the door is opened, to minimize mixing of chamber and room air
  • Front door heating preventing the condensation formed in the inner glass door and possible contamination
  • Unique, seamless ,deep-drawn interior chamber reduces any areas where contamination could accumulate.
  • Integrated humidity pan with built-in design offers 3 liters  storage capacity
  • Monitor the temperature, RH, and CO2 concentration through access port
  • No special tools required for assembly and disassembly of interior components
  • All gasses entering the incubator are filtered through a 0.2μm filter to remove airborne biological and particulate contaminants.
  • Filtered air circulates across the 304 stainless steel humidity pan to accelerate the humidifying process
  • Intelligent data and event logger records all incubator parameters for on-screen call
  • Optional remote monitoring system for events, alarms, conditions and customized tasks
  • Stackable design to save your valuable lab space


Direct Heat & Air Jacketed
Temperature Range
Ambient temperature+3℃ to 55℃
Temperature Uniformity
Temperature Accuracy
Ambient Temperature
CO2 Controller
PID microcomputer
CO2 Range
CO2 Accuracy
CO2 Sensor
CO2 Recovery
CO2 Inlet Filter
0.2μm HEPA filter
180℃ dry heat
In-chamber filtration
HEPA filter
Humidifying Mode
Integrated Pan
91% @ low rH mode, 94% @ high rH mode
Humidity Recovery
O2 controller (Tri-gas)
PID microcomputer
O2 Range (Tri-gas)
O2 Accuracy (Tri-gas)
O2 Sensor (Tri-gas)
O2 Recovery (Tri-gas)
O2% @ 1.0%: 24mins; O2% @ 5.0%:10mins
External dimension (W*D*H)
Internal dimension (W*D*H)
Shelf Qty (Standard)
Max Shelf Qty
Up to 7 optional
Shelf Dimension (W*D)
450*485 (Large) 450*440 (Small)
Max loading of each shelf
Power Supply
220V AC
Max. Power
Stable Power
Internal Construction
Polished Stainless Steel
Ambient temp., rH%, CO2%, Water level, O2%(Optional)
HEPA filter expiration, Shortage of gas

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