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VS Clean Bench SMI-156CB-VS



  • The device is equipped with a digital display interface and features a soft touch key operation, allowing user to adjust air velocity across three level
  • The display provide real-time status update for the fan ,lighting, and UV and allows user to set reservation for turning the UV lamp on and off 
  • Built-in tempered glass on both sides for easy observing
  • The Front window adopts a hanging lifting system
  • Streamline shape reduce interference with airflow
  • High grade steel with a static powder coating provides excellent corrosion resistance and effectively inhibits bacterial growth
  • High quality swivel caster with break easy to move and fixate
  • Humanized pre-filters design make it more convenient for customer to change and clean
  • Interlocking lighting and sterilization systems couple with a spare sockets design and  Short circuit protection, ensure  safe and convenient in use
  • Every clean bench is individually tested at the factory in according with international standard for safety and performance

Technical Data

Model No.




Air Velocity

≥0.3 m/s (59.1fpm) (Adjustable)


≤62 dB(A)

≤62 dB(A)


≥300 Lx

≥300 Lx

Power Supply

AC220V, 1φ, 50Hz


250 W

500 W


145 Kg

200 Kg

Work Dimension (W1 X D1 X H1)

680 X 650 X 570 mm

(26.8” X 25.6” X 22.4”)

1140 X 650 X 720 mm

(44.9” X 25.6” X 28.3”)

Overall Dimension (W X D X H)

840 X 825 X 1625 mm

(33.1” X 32.5” X 64.0”)

1300 X 825 X 1775 mm

(51.2” X 32.5” X 69.9”)

Size & No. of HEPA Filter (W X D X H)

760 X 610 X 50 X 1 set

(29.9” x 24.0” X 2.0” X 1 set)

610 X 610 X 50 X 2 sets

(24.0” X 24.0” X 2.0” X 2 sets)


18 W X 1 pc

30 W X 1 pc

UV Light

18 W X 1 pc

30 W X 1 pc

No. of Conoly



Working table: All-in-one Stainless Steel, Outside cabinet: High grade steel and lacquered in ivory

No. of Operation

Single People / Single Side

Double / Single Side

Product Brochure

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