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VIP Turnstile OVT 120 MK SMI-VTO120

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VIP Turnstile OVT 120 MK SMI-VTO120



It is designed for metro, plaza, stadium, prison, factory, and, most importantly, disabled access. As the most economical waist-high VIP turnstile in the market, the SMI-VTO120 can operate for many years indoors and outdoors without any issues. It boasts a stylish and modern appearance, and with the help of the SS 304 stainless steel structure, it can be easily installed using the drilled surface flange installation kit. The SMI-VTO120 provides a truly stylish and economical solution for greeting and organizing visitors.

Standard Equipment and Specification

Indicator: Three different transfer sticker labels of typical stop, pass, or disabled signs on the transparent plexiglass are offered as standard; two of the three different stickers are chosen by the user.

CHASSIS: The whole turnstile chassis is manufactured from AISI 304-quality stainless steel as standard.

WING MEASUREMENTS: 260 X 260 X 5 mm transparent plexi, 800 X 332 mm wing length is offered as standard and might be changed on demand.

MECHANISM: It can operate in two directions with its unique spring mechanism, allowing one person to pass with a 90-degree movement. (vs-5) and (vs-6) electronic lock models provide locking systems after a 90-degree passage with specially manufactured solenoid coils. It lasts 50% longer with specially produced solenoid coils and leak-proof hidden bearings.

Product Brochure

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