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Portable Chargeable Clean Wagon SMI-156PCCW

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Portable Chargeable Clean Wagon SMI-156PCCW



The Jindal Portable Chargeable Clean Wagon is used for the transfer of the clean goods, effectively free from contamination, in various fields such as electronics and pharmacy.

  • The working area feature a transparent glass window with a SUS frame, showcasing a new structure and offering a nice view
  • Chargeable DC batteries with a converter transforming DC to AC power and without the need for wiring , enable the wagon to move for 2-3 hours after an 8-12 hours charging period  
  • Horizontal laminar flow ensures that the goods on each shelf are protected and prevent contamination
  • The variable air flow fan unit has the features of two grades of air velocity, reliable operation, low noise and energy consumption, as well as easy maintenance
  • Electric supply and inverter battery are alternately used makes it convenient and reliable
  • A differential pressure gauge is equipped to monitor the filter in real-time. The use of PAO is optional for checking the leakage of HEPA filters

Technical Data

Model No.:



ISO 5(Class 100)

Filter Efficiency

≥99.99% (@0.3μm)

Air Velocity

≥0.3 m/s


≤60 dB(A)

Power Supply

AC220V, 1Φ, 50Hz

Rated Power

300 W

Battery Capacity & Qty

38 X ②

Work Dimension (W X D X H)

840 X 600 X 670 mm

(33.0” X 23.6” X 26.4”)


Overall Dimension (W X D X H)

1175 X 633 X 1230 mm

(46.3” X 24.9” X 48.4”)

Product Brochure

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