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Pharmacy Isolator SMI-3050



Jindal isolation systems provide inherently superior sterility compared to open front clean air devices such as laminar flow clean benches and Class II biological safety cabinets. USP797 guidelines specify that isolators may be situated in an area subject to less severe environmental controls compared with open front clean air devices. The pharmacy isolators are also for H1N1 applications. The pharmacy isolators are a cost-effective solution especially for lower-volume pharmacies. They reduce operating and renovation costs, take up less space, and are easier to maintain. The negative pressure, recirculating model is suitable for work involving hazardous materials, antineoplastic, or cytotoxic compounding applications.
The work zone and pass-thru interchange are under negative pressure to the room in order to maintain operator protection. When hazardous drugs compounds have the potential to volatilize, the negative pressure, recirculating isolator should be selected.


 The outer body of the isolator is made of Mild Steel duly powder coated. The work surface is made of thick stainless steel. The side panels have windows of thick acrylic for viewing purposes. 

Air Flow and Filtration

The ambient air is pulled through the inlet pre-filter and then through the HEPA filter. This filtered air is then made to enter the work area. This creates a laminar and particle free environment inside the isolator to protect the work material inside the chamber and pass – thru. Now the air from the work zone and pass-thru is quickly purged by the fans to keep the area clean. The main fan pulls approximately 90% of the purged air back to the plenum and passing through the HEPA down flow filter again, it is recirculated back to the work zone and pass-thru. This high rate of air flow re-circulation helps to prolong filter life. The Jindal double-wall design creates a dynamic Chamber plenum which surrounds contaminated areas with negative pressure, preventing the possibility of contamination from leaks in filter seal, gasket or cabinet structure. Double filtered air blows in laminar flow through the work table at designed velocity of 70 FPM-110FPM(Avg. Air flow velocity 90 FPM)

Maximum Patient Protection and Sterility

  • The combination of down flow and exhaust filters gives the Jindal Pharmacy Isolator a fully integrated envelope for product and operator protection in all configurations.
  • The ULPA supply filter provides clean air to the work surface in a gentle vertical laminar flow.
  • Laminar (unidirectional) airflow within work zone and pass-thru enables recovery of chamber atmosphere to ISO Class 3 conditions within 3 minutes following a worse-case contamination event. The entire work zone air is changed 20-30 times per minute. 
  • Airlock pass-thru ensures the work zone remains sterile during insertion and removal of items. Items are inserted into the pass thru, surface decontaminated, the outer pass thru door is closed, while the atmosphere is allowed to purge. Finally, the inner pass-thru vertical door is opened from within the work zone in order to transfer materials into the main work area.
  • Vertical sliding door between pass-thru and work zone minimizes ingress of particulates from the pass-thru during transfer operations compared with conventional swing door designs.
  • Optional disposal system enables smoother workflow and minimizes transfers in order to enhance patient protection and sterility. Sharps may be disposed through the work surface into disposal bins while minimizing contamination of the work zone. Interface between sharps disposal bin and isolator is aerosol tight to avoid ingress of contamination during the disposal operation.
  • Safe-change cuff rings enable glove change with zero risk of contamination.

Ergonomic Enhancements

  • Ergonomically styled sloped front reduces glare and allows for easier reach into the work area.
  • Sliding tray facilitates material transfer without the operator having to reach into the pass-thru interchange area.
  • Oval shaped glove ports improve reach into the work zone compared with conventional circular ports.
  • Optional hydraulic stand allows the operator to adjust the work surface height to his / her height, for both sitting and standing operation.
  • All common surgical gloves attach to the cuff ring, thereby making the system adaptable to operator preference.
  • The front visor opens up fully for maintenance access into the work zone.


Fully Automatic Microprocessor control (Optional): – A fully automatic dedicated microprocessor helps in monitoring all the functions of the Pharmacy Isolator. The advanced microprocessor monitors the air flow in real time to prevent sample contamination. A high quality membrane keypad permits control settings and access to default settings. The bright LEDs display the ON/OFF for blower operation, UV germicidal light, Fluorescent light, and Mains. A high quality air velocity sensor helps in sensing the actual air flow in FPM. This microprocessor warns of any deviations in the air velocity from normal velocities.

A bright LCD displays all the parameters including date, time, air velocity and timer. An inbuilt UV timer helps in the decontamination by switching ON the UV tube for a certain interval of time. A user friendly software and soft touch controls for blower, light, UV and power are easy to use. 

Blower Motor Assembly: – Duly balanced, direct drive highly efficient centrifugal blower units sized to provide adequate air flow volume over the entire surface of HEPA filter. These are directly coupled to an inbuilt motor and operate with minimum noise level i.e. lower than 65 db on scale and Vibration less than 2.5 um.

Lighting: – The work area is properly illuminated by diffused, glare free fluorescent light.

UV Germicidal Lamp: – An in built UV germicidal lamp helps in killing of bacteria and other microorganisms. 

Power Requirement: The instrument is able to work on 220V AC Supply.

Optional Accessories:

  •  Outer body made of highly polished Thick Stainless steel
  • Hydraulically height adjustment to allow the operator to adjust the work surface height to his  her height, for both sitting and standing operation.

Spare Accessories:–

  • HEPA Filter
  •  Pre Filter

Product Brochure

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